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Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf | Biography | Books | Awards

Adeline Virginia Woolf published a number of works.  These are still amongst her finest, including The Red and the Black, among others. There is no doubt that Virginia Woolf feminism had a major influence on the world around her.  The world in which we live today, and in which she had very much involved .

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About Virginia Woolf

Adeline Virginia Woolf is an English author, regarded as one of the leading modernist authors of the 20th century and a key figure in the development of the writer’s block phenomenon, which characterizes many of the great English writers in the latter decades of the century. Woolf’s life was full of tragedy.  Therefore, several of her works are  mementos of her unhappy love life. In the eyes of some, she remains one of the United States’ very best authors. In addition to her many famous novels, she also wrote several stories for pulp magazines and various publications during the period in which she was very active as an illustrator. She also spent considerable time as a writer living in Paris, where she lived with her sister.

Virginia Woolf Family:

  • Father: Leslie Stephen
  • Mother: Julia Prinsep Jackson
  • Spouse: Leonard Woolf
  • Half-Brother: George Herbert Duckworth, Gerald Duckworth
  • Half-Sister: Stella Duckworth, Laura Stephen
  • Sister: Vanessa Stephen
  • Brother: Thoby Stephen, Adrian Stephen
  • Cousin: Katharine Stephen 

Virginia Woolf Biography

Virginia Woolf has a very complicated and layered personality way ahead of her time. Put together are the excerpts of her wonderful and dreadful life at the same time.

Early Life

Virginia Woolf is a one of the most famous British writers.  Her works enjoyed wide appreciation in the English and American literary scene up to her death. Born in 1880 in Woolstone, Warwickshire. She was an orphan when she was a young girl. Her father, Sir Leslie Stephen, died when Virginia was eight years old, leaving Virginia as a single lady with no one to support herself. After a near-starvation period, a foster family saved her. and she became Virginia Woolf, or simply Wool.

Romance with Literature

Woolf’s life-long involvement with literature and art. That began at an early age of eighteen. At the time she began reading William Wordsworth and went on to read Jane Austen.  Although her tastes in literature have influence her dislike of fashionable people, for example, Rabelais and Henric whom she detested.

After a near-death experience in a railway station, where she was nearly starved to death by a carriage accident, she resolved never again to stand in that queue, but this does not prevent her from writing poetry, essays, and short stories. It was on this same journey that Woolf began writing her first novel, The Pilot, and continued to develop and expand her writing for the rest of her life.

The story of The Pilot, written as she was struggling to get over her beloved mother’s death, is an inspiration for many later writers, including Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Virginia Woolf also experienced the death of her only son in a boating accident, which left her bereaved. She wrote about her grief and confusion in several of her famous poems, such as The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Notable works

Virginia Woolf’s enduring work includes numerous plays and novels, most notably, The Adventure of the Five Towns, which was later made into a feature-length film of the same name and includes recognizable voices such as Christopher Walken and George Clooney. Some of her most well-known works include The Waves of the Sea, Persian Nights, The Sands of Time, Anna Pigeon, Midsummer’s Night Dream, and Northanger House. Her life and writings are an inspirational part of the continuing education of the world today. Many younger readers and writers are inspired by Woolf’s life and work to become their own Virginia Woolf. As such, it is interesting to see how she has been remembered and why we should continue to read her words and work long after her death.


When did Virginia Woolf die? March 28, 1941. What happened to Virginia Woolf? Woolf died at the bottom of the river in the midst of a bout of depression. She was wading in the river in the hope of succumbing to an overdose of sleeping pills when suddenly, she was dragged under the murky waters of the Ouse by a worried friend. Suffering again from a long, drawn-out depression, she had only waded into the Ouse in the hope that she would die there, rather than at sea or in an airplane crash.

Unfinished works

The year she was to die, in 1970, she had long been working on her unfinished novel The Bells of Valor.  But she never completed it. This was because she always felt that she would never be able to complete it, owing to the complicated legal structure of her novel. Woolf’s story begins in 1815, in a time when the writer’s strike is just over, and she is busy preparing a garden in her back garden when her sister Flora dies of a broken heart. Swore by Flora’s husband, John Braxton, Adeline Woolf sets out on a strange and daring road from her home to the Braxton family estate in tow, accompanied by her servant, Daisy.

Reader Reviews

Woolf’s novels owe more to the style and the subject matter than to any stylistic aspect of the novel. The stories are  in a monochrome, a long-form narrative.  Therefore, it involves the main characters’ travels.  And their interactions with a large cast of minor characters. All of whom involved in an interesting plot.  That develops around a central theme.

The novel is written in an eloquent, almost poetic style, and its style and language are perfectly capable of rendering a message that can resonate with the reader and has proven particularly popular with children.

The novel, written as it is in a conversational tone, deals with the themes of love, marriage, family, the passage of time, and the significance of friendship. Many of Woolf’s early readers had disappointed with her later novels. But her name remains with readers today as she remains one of the best novelists of all time.

FAQs on Virginia Woolf

  • What happened to Virginia Woolf ?

She died due to depression on March 28, 1941.

  • What was Virginia Woolf known for?

She was  famous for essays, diaries, letters, and biographies and her incessant fight for women’s rights.

  • Did Virginia Woolf have children?

No, she did not have any children.

  • What Virginia Woolf book should I read first?

One can start with Mrs. Dalloway for beginners



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