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The Parable of Pipeline

The Parable of Pipeline: Book Review

The Parable of Pipeline: Book Review is a post shared by Prajakta Tavargeri, a wonderful writer who help you to understand the fundamentals of English language as well with endeavor of Jayashree Classes. 

The Parable of Pipeline: Book Review

In The Parable of Pipeline: Book Review, you will find about author, some glimpses of the writing style of books and quotes.

Book Reviews By Kagaj Kalam

Author of the book : Burke Hedges

I came across this book last year.  One of my friends, who has excelled in Network Marketing, suggested this book to me. I have a vast collection of  books. This book is one of these jewels.

The book is merely 120 pages. It is all about how anyone can build a pipeline of on-going residual income in the new economy. 

Through this book one can learn the proven strategies that average people can follow to create true financial freedom for themselves and their families.  These strategies have helped millions of people to become millionaires. 

This book teaches us those strategies the wealthy people have used to create and accumulate wealth.

The Parable of Pipeline: Book Review

The book outlines the story of two ambitious cousins and best buddies – Pablo and Bruno, who were big dreamers.

They would talk endlessly about how some day, some way they would become the richest men in the village. They were both  bright and hard- working. All they needed was an opportunity.

One day an opportunity arrived. The village decided to hire them to carry water from a nearby river to a cistern in the town square.

Each of them grabbed two buckets and headed to the river. By the end of the day, they had filled the town cistern to the brim. The village elder  paid them one penny for each bucket of water.

For Bruno, his dream came true. But this was the case for Pablo. He was not ready to carry buckets for rest of his life. He was thinking about some better way to bring the water from river to the village.

An idea came to his mind to build a pipeline from that river up to town cistern. He presented this idea to Bruno. But Bruno was not interested in this idea. He was happy with whatever he was doing.

But Pablo was not discouraged. He would work part time of the day carrying buckets and then part of the day and weekends building his pipeline. He kept reminding himself that tomorrow’s dreams are built on today’s sacrifices.

“Short Term pain equals long term gain”

Days turned into months. Finally  that big day arrived. The pipeline was completed. Now the village had a steady supply of fresh water. People from surrounding villages moved into this village which led to prosperity.

Now, Pablo didn’t have to carry buckets anymore. The water flowed whether he worked or not. It flowed while he ate, he slept, he played. The more the water flowed into the village, the more the money flowed into Pablo’s pockets.

He became known as the Miracle Maker. Politicians lauded him for his vision.


But what happened with Bruno?

Bruno was the Bucket man and now he was out of business. His shoulders were stopped, eyes were dark. All these were the results of bucket carrying he did.

Pablo offered him a business opportunity in which Bruno saw the big picture. He smiled and shook his hands with Pablo.

Pablo and Bruno had long since retired. Their worldwide pipeline business was still pumping millions of dollars a year into their bank accounts.

Who are you? 

A Bucket Carrier or a Pipeline builder?


My favorite quotes from this book :

“Your pipelines are your lifelines”

“keep your eyes on the prize”

“If you have got only one pipeline then you have got one lifeline”

“Short Term pain equals long term gain”


About the Author:

Burke Hedges is an extremely famous Author, speaker, and trainer in the Network Marketing industry. In addition,   he managed to inspire many aspired entrepreneurs. 




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