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Get the Seat First

Get the Seat First | The Game

Get the Seat First, a story of daily traffic in metro.

Hindi Stories By Kagaj Kalam

Get the Seat First

Sometimes, without disclosing what is going in our mind, we find ourselves playing the same game. At this time, the game’s name is not discovered but I named it who is going to get the seat first. Most of us would have played this game in many public places. But playing such a game in the metro station is another level of experience.


Huda city center or other metro stations which would be destination or beginning point, this game is played over there every evening after office. Those who successfully got a seat put on a broad smile on their faces which surpasses even Usain Bolt’s smile over a random achievement.

Rules To Play Game:

Carve these rules in your mind before playing the game.

  • Look the smaller line for boarding.
  • Forget stupid things like etiquette, gender, disability, pregnancy, and senior citizenship just focus only on to get the seat.
  • No predetermined rules should be followed, only self-made rules are worth to win this game.

How to Play The Game:

Once you have targeted the smallest line from where you are going to board, stay alert with your complete focus. As the train comes to the platform,  just hold your breath. As the gate of the metro train open, just run, jump, or fly to the seat without caring for any senior citizen, disabled, pregnant woman or child getting are injured beneath your feet. Just stay focused to get the seat, all these things are just distraction.

This is the only game where you can use your elbow against anybody’s face without getting caught, whose elbow was that. Football is the game of children, this game is made for an adult, the real adult.

Stay prepared, I am coming to play this game again tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the next day of it, and so on.

Benefits Of The Game:

  • No senior citizens, disabled persons, and pregnant women dare to take part in this game, so you have saved the seat for you. Some do, they have to repent on their decision due to injuries.
  • You meet with real you, the wild you, you when evolution was just on initial phase.
  • Just for some seconds, you are not with your phone in the virtual world. Who cares for this real-world when we do have the option to live in the virtual world.

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