Geeli Mitti | PahadNama

Geeli Mitti is another story of new thought process of Pahad written in PahadNama and Kagaj Kalam. R Geeli Mitti: A Story of Change जिस मकान में सुकुन, स्वस्थ्य , अपनापन न हो, वो मकान , केवल मकान है,  घर नहीं । एक middle class आदमी अपनी जिन्दगी का hard earned money लगाकर मकान बनाता है, […]

Kuch Pahad Kandho Par Kuch Bele Pairon Par: A Hindi Poem

Kuch Pahad Kandho Par Kuch Bele Pairon Par: A Hindi Poem. You can find the context of this Hindi poem very easily. It is a story of a lover who is fallen in love with his native land. but is away from it for earning his living necessities. Somehow he manages to come his native […]

Ak Jungle Hai Phoolon Ka: A Hindi Kavita

Ak Jungle Hai Phoolon Ka: A Hindi Kavita is aboutthe state of confusion when you are around the attractive things. I realized at valley of flower In Chamoli, a beautiful place in Uttarakhand. Here I have used flowers but you will get the inference as you read this Hindi Poem. You can see a picture […]

Ghughutiya: Uttarakhand Festival

Ghughutiya: Uttarakhand Festival is one of the most revered festivals in Uttarakhand. It is celebrated mostly in the parts of Kumoan one of the mandal of Uttarakhand. Click here to read other stories or kavitayein in PahadNama.  Ghughutiya Uttarakhand Festival: Hindi Kavita चल ना भाई फिर से बच्चे बन जाते हैं गले में घुघुतिया की […]

Pahad Ak Sajeev Sanskriti

Pahad ak sajeev Sanskriti is about पहाड (Pahad) which is a vivacious culture not just pile of soil and stones.  The beauty of it is not only be seen but also imbibed. Beauty is not just limited to scenery but extended to people and their behavior, language, simplicity, naive, foods, or their sight to see […]

Ye Raasta Mujhe Jaanta Hai: A Hindi Kavita

A Hindi Poem, Ye Raasta Mujhe Jaanta Hai, “ये रास्ता मुझे जानता है” is from my childhood memories when, we used to go our village on these narrow footpaths. Now nobody use them as roads have reached there. Actually, we all are busy to reach somewhere. But where none doesn’t know. These pagdandiyan or Kachhe […]

Main Nhi Jaanta Main Nhi Maanta: Hindi Kavita

  Main Nhi Jaanta Main Nhi Maanta is Hindi writing which says a story of our ignorance toward nature. We are lucky that we have seen the real beauty of nature during this lockdown wherein everything was looking clean and clear without the interference of humans in nature. It is one of the many things […]

Mountain Quotes In Hindi

Mountain Quotes In Hindi, a collection of Hindi pahadi quotes, Hindi poems or Kavita, and pahari shayari. All these creations on Kagaj Kalam are inspired by Pahadi culture, Pahadi foods, Pahadi people, nature in Pahad, environment, lifestyle, and many others. Feel proud to display these mountain quotes on your whatsapp status on nature or any […]

Hills on Fire: A Hindi Poem

Hills on Fire is a Hindi poem that shows our negligence toward our Pahad, forest, wild life, and others. Even, we are promoting such irresponsible acts by justifying our negligence that it is not our duty or what can we do. this negligence claims many lives of animals, trees, birds, and others. As a part […]