Sun and Earth: A Beautiful Love Story

Sun and Earth: A Beautiful Love Story HINDI:   ” इश्क़ का रोग होता ही,  ऐसा है जनाब बर्बाद होने की आयतें, हम रोज पढ़ा करते हैं।”   क्रोध नहीं ये सूर्य का, इश्क़ है इस धरती का महबूब की गली, महोब्बत में देखो  फनाह होने वो चली।   अन्जामे इश्क़ जो भी हो, भुगतना […]

Hindi poems on Love

Hindi poems on Love. Time when you resist someone to enter your heart. It may because of your bad experiences. But you have no control over your emotion, somebody surely knocks at your heart’s door no matter how rigid to try to be. Here a person is asking questions to his love that how and […]

Doori | A Hindi Poem

Doori | A Hindi Poem. Everybody has this time in his life when they have to separate to their loved ones to chase their dreams. It is painful but inevitable. You can stop him or her as you know how important his departure is. This Hindi poem points out that time not the feelings they […]