Hindi Poems on Environment

Hindi Poems on Environment by Kagaj Kalam, is an effort to understand a lost relation between humans, animals, and environment.  A collection of Hindi poems gives us time and perspective to think where we have missed to maintain our beautiful relation with environment. With this deteriorating relation, we are also loosing our connection between mind, […]

Kuch Pahad Kandho Par Kuch Bele Pairon Par: A Hindi Poem

Kuch Pahad Kandho Par Kuch Bele Pairon Par: A Hindi Poem. You can find the context of this Hindi poem very easily. It is a story of a lover who is fallen in love with his native land. but is away from it for earning his living necessities. Somehow he manages to come his native […]

न मैं तुझसे कुछ ज्यादा न तू मुझसे कुछ कम रहे: A Hindi Poem

न मैं तुझसे कुछ ज्यादा न तू मुझसे कुछ कम रहे, a Hindi poem tells how a relationship works just by understanding and appreciating the roles of each other also promotes gender equality. Gender equality is necessary for the foundation of prosperous and peaceful world. For sure, over the last decades, people are started talking […]

Father Son Hindi Poem

Father Son Hindi Poem by Kagaj Kalam is an experience of past. I am sure everyone had gone beaten up by his father at any point. At that time it was painful but now it is nothing but hilarious to remember it.  Kagaj Kalam For Few Lines on Father Day Father Son Hindi Poem: Beating […]

FOG: धुंध जो हटती नहीं

Do you put on spectacles ? If yes, you can understand my pain when I encountered with fog. Actually, we find fog at winter where the pollution has crossed its danger level. But for the people like me, it brings some more problem and makes me think about life. As you know when there is […]

Tell Me: तुम मुझे क्या कहके बुलाते हो ?

  We are self-claimed, good-hearted progressive Men in a patriarchal society.  And always loud about allowing women to get an education,  job, and involvement in other social activities, unlike our fellows. I have a problem with the word “allowed.” It should be replaced by ” support ” or “respect the decision”. Women’s condition has improved […]

भाषाओँ की जंग में COMMUNICATION: Hindi Poem

भाषाओँ की जंग में COMMUNICATION: Hindi Poem. Languages have a great impact on our prestige, life, culture, pride, and emotion. These are attached to us in a psychological manner. I consider language, not more than a medium to communicate. I believe as human beings we have to learn to stay together and solve the problem […]

Abhimanyu: Hindi Poem

Abhimanyu: Hindi Poem, is about a warrior from Mahabharta. People see him as a warrior but the poem says that he is more than just a warrior. He is a footprint maker who shows the new path to followers. Abhimanyu: Hindi Poem खेल आज षड़यंत्र, नीयति ने कुछ ऐसा कर डाला। अर्जुन को दूर भेज […]

Chess: Hindi Poem

Chess: Hindi Poem is only showing that sometimes we have to move to save us. In this process, we make our friends our enemy sometimes but it is not your fault. Life is itself in the same way. What we can do, we have to live life. It is bitter I know but it is […]