Tea: Love of India/ Beats Heart For Tea

Tea love is predominate in India. Get Hindi Quotes, Hindi poem, Hindi story on Tea. Tea Love: Hindi Quotes   “ये चाय तेरे इश्क़ की तलब में मेरे हाथों एक बेचारा अदरक कुट गया”   “माँ और टोकरों के बाद तू ही तो है।  “चाय “ जो वक़्त दर वक़्त मुझे नींद से जगाती रही, वरना […]

Summer: Hindi Poem

Summer: Hindi Poem is about your encounter with scorching heat. The scorching heat can be funny only if you think it only this way. One of the Hindi poems that may help you laugh even in the scorching heat. Summer: Hindi Poem   धोख़े के किस्सों में, एक और नया अध्याय जुड़ गया।   जब जून […]

भाषाओँ की जंग में COMMUNICATION: Hindi Poem

भाषाओँ की जंग में COMMUNICATION: Hindi Poem. Languages have a great impact on our prestige, life, culture, pride, and emotion. These are attached to us in a psychological manner. I consider language, not more than a medium to communicate. I believe as human beings we have to learn to stay together and solve the problem […]

Hills on Fire: A Hindi Poem

Hills on Fire is a Hindi poem that shows our negligence toward our Pahad, forest, wild life, and others. Even, we are promoting such irresponsible acts by justifying our negligence that it is not our duty or what can we do. this negligence claims many lives of animals, trees, birds, and others. As a part […]

Becoming Michelle Obama: A Book Review

  Becoming Michelle Obama is a book about Michelle Obama’s life journey “To Become”. Becoming is not just a word but a continuing process.   Every single page will engage you without putting any extra effort. While reading the book, you will forget that she has been a scholar, corporate lawyer, or first lady of […]

Hindi poems on Love

Hindi poems on Love. Time when you resist someone to enter your heart. It may because of your bad experiences. But you have no control over your emotion, somebody surely knocks at your heart’s door no matter how rigid to try to be. Here a person is asking questions to his love that how and […]

Mungfali: A Hindi Poem

Mungfali: A Hindi Poem. A remembrance of such times in Pahad when all member in the family just sit down and have an actual conversation over Mungfali. Though there are several stories and Hindi poems around the every situation but this kavita will definitely brings you back to the time of childhood. Watch The videos […]

Cost of living Hindi Poem

Cost of living Hindi Poem. Cost of living in cities is too high but it is not only about money but also some other things. कीमत माँगता ये शहर is a story of every person who is living in the cities but credit more than rents there whether it is health, emotions turmoil, or any […]