Hindi Poems on Environment

Hindi Poems on Environment by Kagaj Kalam, is an effort to understand a lost relation between humans, animals, and environment.  A collection of Hindi poems gives us time and perspective to think where we have missed to maintain our beautiful relation with environment. With this deteriorating relation, we are also loosing our connection between mind, […]

नयन का फ़ोन | Hindi Story

नयन का फ़ोन is a Hindi story in Kagaj Kalam narrated by Bhumika Joshi. Today’s story is a family story that learn the family emotions.  PahadNama नयन का फ़ोन | Hindi Story एक परिवार था जिसमें पति पत्नी और उनकी तीन बेटियां रहती थी। बेटियों का नाम नीलम निशा नयन था। तीनों बेटियां पढ़ने में […]

Geeli Mitti | PahadNama

Geeli Mitti is another story of new thought process of Pahad written in PahadNama and Kagaj Kalam. R Geeli Mitti: A Story of Change जिस मकान में सुकुन, स्वस्थ्य , अपनापन न हो, वो मकान , केवल मकान है,  घर नहीं । एक middle class आदमी अपनी जिन्दगी का hard earned money लगाकर मकान बनाता है, […]

अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि ! Hindi Poem

अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि ! is a Hindi poem by Kagaj Kalam on the misunderstanding of human to think himself “God.” Soon, he is going to realize when nature will turn against human. But in his stupidity and self catering pride, he is ignoring the fact. Hindi Poems By Kagaj Kalam अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि ! Hindi Poem PahadNama […]

दो भिखारी | Hindi Story

दो भिखारी | Hindi Story is narrated by Bhumika Joshi in Kagaj Kalam.  She has come up with another good read. Your appreciation is very helpful to nourish her creativity.  Hindi Poems By Kagaj Kalam. दो भिखारी | Hindi Story एक बार की बात है। दो भिखारी थे एक का नाम रघु और दूसरे का […]

The Parable of Pipeline: Book Review

The Parable of Pipeline: Book Review is a post shared by Prajakta Tavargeri, a wonderful writer who help you to understand the fundamentals of English language as well with endeavor of Jayashree Classes.  The Parable of Pipeline: Book Review In The Parable of Pipeline: Book Review, you will find about author, some glimpses of the […]