Koi Chahiye: Hindi Poem

Koi Chahiye: Hindi Poem is a writer’s perspective that he is looking something in his partner. All these are simple and small expectations rather than some wild ones.  You can relate to it as you must have been thinking so. It is my effort to manage between my love to pahad and partner. If she […]

Kuch Pahad Kandho Par Kuch Bele Pairon Par: A Hindi Poem

Kuch Pahad Kandho Par Kuch Bele Pairon Par: A Hindi Poem. You can find the context of this Hindi poem very easily. It is a story of a lover who is fallen in love with his native land. but is away from it for earning his living necessities. Somehow he manages to come his native […]

वो बेपरवाह हँसी: A Hindi Poem

वो बेपरवाह हँसी: A Hindi Poem. She is carrying so much joy, pain, love, in her shy smile. Yeah she is super annoying at this time and peak on her tantrum but this is the way she is in her pregnancy. वो बेपरवाह हँसी, शर्मीली मुस्कुराहट में बदलने लगी is A Hindi Poem of her […]

Ye Raasta Mujhe Jaanta Hai: A Hindi Kavita

A Hindi Poem, Ye Raasta Mujhe Jaanta Hai, “ये रास्ता मुझे जानता है” is from my childhood memories when, we used to go our village on these narrow footpaths. Now nobody use them as roads have reached there. Actually, we all are busy to reach somewhere. But where none doesn’t know. These pagdandiyan or Kachhe […]

Main Nhi Jaanta Main Nhi Maanta: Hindi Kavita

  Main Nhi Jaanta Main Nhi Maanta is a Hindi writing which says a story of our ignorance toward nature. We are lucky that we have seen the real beauty of nature during this lock down wherein everything was looking clean and clear without interference of humans in the nature. It is one of the […]

Pollution: A kidnapper

  Kidnapping cases in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida make their places in newspaper so often. Recently I have encountered with one of such cases, I think you must have encountered with this so frequently. But I have noticed for the first time. Usually it happens in winter season when pollution level is so high. Actually, […]

Summer: Hindi Poem

Summer: Hindi Poem is about your encounter with scorching heat. The scorching heat can be funny only if you think it only this way. One of the Hindi poems that may help you laugh even in the scorching heat. Summer: Hindi Poem   धोख़े के किस्सों में, एक और नया अध्याय जुड़ गया।   जब जून […]

भाषाओँ की जंग में COMMUNICATION: Hindi Poem

भाषाओँ की जंग में COMMUNICATION: Hindi Poem. Languages have a great impact on our prestige, life, culture, pride, and emotion. These are attached to us in a psychological manner. I consider language, not more than a medium to communicate. I believe as human beings we have to learn to stay together and solve the problem […]