तुम्हे पहाड़ घुमाते हैं: Hindi Kavita

तुम्हे पहाड़ घुमाते हैं , a Hindi Kavita by Kagaj Kalam takes you to the new type of adventure which is travelling the hills by bus. Read Here: Gulzar Poetry Hindi lyrics तुम्हे पहाड़ घुमाते हैं: Hindi Kavita Watch PahadNama अरे एडवेंचर्स के शौकीनों ट्रैकिंग, राफ्टिंग, बंजी जंपिंग जैसे महंगे नशे तो खूब किये होंगे […]

Neend Shayari : Hindi Quotes

Neend Shayari is a collection of some impeccable Hindi Quotes by Kagaj Kalam. Also find Here Hindi poems on Neend. Many times due to some reason you feel loss of sleep. At such times, we are surprised why we are not sleepy. Due to many issues like anxiety, stress, taking stomach full foods, sleeplessness is […]

Famous Poem In Hindi

Famous Poem In Hindi is very helpful when you needed it the most. Main agenda of the article to help you understanding the power of Hindi poems and how it impacts on life. Famous Poem In Hindi: Gulzar Gulzar is a complete institution of thoughtful writing.  Gulzar Hindi poems and writings will teach us different […]

Koi Chahiye: Hindi Poem

Koi Chahiye: Hindi Poem is a writer’s perspective that he is looking something in his partner. All these are simple and small expectations rather than some wild ones.  You can relate to it as you must have been thinking so. It is my effort to manage between my love to pahad and partner. If she […]

Aanshu | A Hindi Poem

Aanshu | A Hindi Poem is Kavita written for not any specific reasons. It is nothing about sadness in this Hindi poem. Aanshu | A Hindi Poem अब matured हो गये है दर्द के आंसू बड़े से बड़ा दर्द बिन बहे झेल लेते हैं।   नादान तो ये खुशी के आंसु है बिन बात ही […]

नर को अपना सहचर है माना: Hindi Poem

नर को अपना सहचर है माना: A Hindi Poem is by Kagaj Kalam. Nature offered everyting to humans but what humans did to her. They destroyed it. It is not late yet we can reverse it. We just need to assemble together accept our mistakes and try to make the world with beautiful nature. Everybody […]

Dard Ka Ye Roop Pahli Baar Dekha Maine: A Hindi Poem

Dard Ka Ye Roop Pahli Baar Dekha Maine is a Hindi poem written for the soldiers and their family, especially the soldiers who lost their life in war. The Hindi kavita is more than a tribute but hypocrisy of politicians, news channels, and even the citizens who don’t even try to match empathy to the […]

Ak Jungle Hai Phoolon Ka: A Hindi Kavita

Ak Jungle Hai Phoolon Ka: A Hindi Kavita is aboutthe state of confusion when you are around the attractive things. I realized at valley of flower In Chamoli, a beautiful place in Uttarakhand. Here I have used flowers but you will get the inference as you read this Hindi Poem. You can see a picture […]

Tell Me: तुम मुझे क्या कहके बुलाते हो ?

  We are self-claimed, good-hearted progressive Men in a patriarchal society.  And always loud about allowing women to get an education,  job, and involvement in other social activities, unlike our fellows. I have a problem with the word “allowed.” It should be replaced by ” support ” or “respect the decision”. Women’s condition has improved […]

Hindi Poems/Mountain quotes/ पहाड़ quotes

Mountain Quotes In Hindi is a collection of Hindi quotes, poem, writings, and videos based on Pahadi culture, foods, people, environment, livings, and many more. You may know Pahad only just a mountain but for many people it means a complete different world together with presence of serenity, homeliness, love, and feelings.  It is not […]