Tell Me: तुम मुझे क्या कहके बुलाते हो ?

  We are self-claimed, good-hearted progressive Men in a patriarchal society.  And always loud about allowing women to get an education,  job, and involvement in other social activities, unlike our fellows. I have a problem with the word “allowed.” It should be replaced by ” support ” or “respect the decision”. Women’s condition has improved […]

Hindi Quotes On Father

Hindi Quotes On Father are here to celebrate the fatherhood and remembering his contribution to make us what we are today. These few lines on father in Hindi are my way to express on behalf of those who love their father but can’t tell. Every shayari on father in Hindi will keep your heart out with awe that you […]

Maa or ATM Card: Hindi Poem

Maa or ATM Card: Hindi Poem is a heart touching poem dedicated to mother. If you are from a middle-class background you can better relate to it. There was a time when we were not exposed to ATM. Not only for money but any permission, we have to contact our father. But we have some […]

Hindi poems| Quotes| Mother’s Day

Hindi poems| Quotes| Mother’s Day. This Poem on mother is a replica of our childhood memories. The time we spend with our mother. She beat us for our mischievous but with a balanced way to punish us.  Her beating is hiding her love which we notice later in our life. I really miss those days, […]


SORRY CHIPKALEE |Hindi Poem is another attempt to break stereotype via Hindi poems. Sometimes, we create beliefs about someone without knowing him or her. And we follow the same path throughout our life. We think one our enemy. If someone tells us that he is our friend, we think that he is also our enemy. […]

Mungfali: A Hindi Poem

Mungfali: A Hindi Poem. A remembrance of such times in Pahad when all member in the family just sit down and have an actual conversation over Mungfali. Though there are several stories and Hindi poems around the every situation but this kavita will definitely brings you back to the time of childhood. Watch The videos […]