Ye Raasta Mujhe Jaanta Hai: A Hindi Kavita

A Hindi Poem, Ye Raasta Mujhe Jaanta Hai, “ये रास्ता मुझे जानता है” is from my childhood memories when, we used to go our village on these narrow footpaths. Now nobody use them as roads have reached there. Actually, we all are busy to reach somewhere. But where none doesn’t know. These pagdandiyan or Kachhe […]

Woman: Beyond Definition

कौन  हूँ  मैं ? दुर्गा, काली, सीता का अभिमान मैं, या किसी के पैर की जुती का स्थान मैं।   कौन  हूँ  मैं ? कवि की रचना का फूल मैं, या पैदा होने से पहले कुचली,  वो कली मैं।   कौन  हूँ  मैं ? चाँद जिस खूबसूरती से जले वो जलन मैं, या चाँद जैसा […]

FOG: धुंध जो हटती नहीं

Do you put on spectacles ? If yes, you can understand my pain when I encountered with fog. Actually, we find fog at winter where the pollution has crossed its danger level. But for the people like me, it brings some more problem and makes me think about life. As you know when there is […]

Tell Me: तुम मुझे क्या कहके बुलाते हो ?

  We are self-claimed, good-hearted progressive Men in a patriarchal society.  And always loud about allowing women to get an education,  job, and involvement in other social activities, unlike our fellows. I have a problem with the word “allowed.” It should be replaced by ” support ” or “respect the decision”. Women’s condition has improved […]