सुनो Hindi Poem

Suno Hindi Poem | Stop There You May Fall in Love

Suno Hindi Poem. I have an confession to make. My room is a complete mess. However I don’t represent the male community, I am pretty sure many males especially bachelors live like I do. Yeah, there are some exceptions, some of my female friends match my living style and others make me feel how clean my room is. This Hindi poem is neither for any of them.

Many girls in different walks of life are very much familiar with cleaning homes as they have bee taught since their childhood. In contrast, nobody bother to teach the same to a boy. Sometimes this becomes complicated to the boy who is not used to clean his place other  than his mum. When someone do it for him, he may fall in love with her. Problem begins from there when he doesn’t receive the same warmth from other side. In this Hindi poem, the boy is trying to avoid that inevitable situation.


Suno Hindi Poem

Love quotes by Kagaj Kalam

सुनो !

जरा संभलकर आना

बेतरतीब हूँ बेतरतीब सा मेरा कमरा।

बिखरी मिलेंगी किताबें,

कपडे, कागज कलम , बिल्कुल मेरी तरह।

सुनो !

कुछ छूना मत,

तुम एक लड़की हो और मुझे पता है

संसार के लगभग हर समाज ने

तुम्हे सिखाने में कोई कसर नहीं छोड़ी होगी


“चीज़ें तरतीब से रखना और घर सम्भालना “

ये जो आम बात है न तुम्हारे लिए

ख़ास बनजाती है हम लकड़ों के लिए।

कहीं मैं भी इसे फ़िक्र या प्यार न समझ बैठूं

कोई अरमान न बुन बैठूं ,

अगर भ्रम टुटा

तो कहीं

हर तरतीब से रखी चीज़ों से

भरोसा न उठा बैठूं।

सुनो !

भ्रम टूटेगा तो नहीं न !

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