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Short Story: A Small Glimpse of Bharat's Culture

Short Story: A Small Glimpse of Bharat’s Culture

Enjoying wedding in Dehradun where all my Garwali and Kumauni relatives are celebrating wedding as a festival. First I got best wishes from stranger Kashmiri muslim girls for my cousin’s wedding met me auto. Believe me we had a good talk. The real talk. We would have solved many of our political conflicts, If we were politicians. Ha ha😆😆😆(pun intended).

Jokes apart In 20 minutes, I got know their names which were tough to pronounce, their colleges, hostels, and their love for BigBoss. They also got my savory reaction on BigBoss. They are as innocent as true pahadies are.

As I entered wedding house, I saw all the arrangements done by Uttarpradesh’s boys who are living there in rent but now are part of family. People are dancing in Pahadi, Himachali, Punjabi, Haryanvi, bollywood, even south songs.

Neapli guys are choreographing our dance steps and are stealing the show. A Bengali guy knows better garwali lyrics and dance steps than us.

Soon, I realized that It is actual India where we respect each others belief system no matter how much different we are, from each other. Sometimes, some events (rape, murder, and other heinous crimes) make us to hate our identity as Indian but we are not responsible for some of these inhumane acts. We will find our ways to get normal soon. Till then just trust on of your being human and Indian. You know our culture but it is peak time when we all have to accept it from beneath of our heart.

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