Propose Day: A humor based Poem

Propose-Day- A-humor-based-Poem

Propose day: Love is blind but it is not the only drawback of this sweet feeling. The aftermath of this accident is quite thrilling. You know everything but not ready to accept. I am not much aware of it but I know one thing that small fights plays an important role to make life interesting. So, let the bickering on. But why women have all the fun of bickering. Let men at least start this game, although we know men have a history of losing the fight game.

Hindi: Propose day



इश्क़-ऐ-इज़हार करूँगा आज, उन्हें ये मालूम था,

बस अन्दाजे बयाँ देखना चाहते थे।


तो कस्ती में ले गया समन्दर के बीच

कहने को कुछ खड़ा हुआ तो लड़खड़ा गया।


मैंने कहा “डु-डु -डूब  रहा हूँ मैं “

उनका शर्माना फिर शुरू हुआ,

डूब कर मौत मेरी होगयी,

उनका शर्माना था कि ख़त्म ही नहीं हुआ।


Propose day is not against love or feminism. But keep a warning: fall in love with a bimbo at your own risk. 😀 NEXT

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