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pregnancy belt

Pregnancy Belt: Relieve Stomach Discomfort in Pregnancy

Being a mother is not easy! Mothers have to carry their precious baby for nine months in the belly, which causes pain and discomfort. The tummy pain during pregnancy can sometimes become very difficult to bear. So, in order to relieve the pain, many pregnant women use a pregnancy belt. Many people call it a belly support belt or band. These maternity belly belts and bands are specially designed for pregnant women. 

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The belt provides support to the belly and reduces stomach muscle pain during pregnancy. There are certain belts that can help you manage pregnancy belly as well.

If you are suffering from abdominal pain in pregnancy and want to know more about pregnancy belts, follow this guide. We will explain to you about belts and bands to use during and after pregnancy along with their benefits. 

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What Is A Pregnancy Belt?

Pregnancy belt is a rigid belt that helps you during pregnancy. You can simply wrap this belt around your abdomen. It will help you to reduce lower back pain and stomach pain during pregnancy. This type of belt supports your pelvis, hips, lower back as well as abdomen. 

You have to wear this belt on top of the clothing as it is safer. However, there are some people who wear it underneath as well. This belly support belt is narrow and comes with a strap. Belt is also known as a maternity support belt.

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What Is A Pregnancy Band?

A pregnancy band is another pregnancy support garment that women wear during their pregnancy. This Maternity band is a flexible garment which women use to cover this bump so that they can easily wear maternity clothing. Band is a tube-like garment that you can wear to cover areas exposed by an enlarged belly. 

However, there are some belly bands that also provide support to the hips, belly, and back. These bands offer mild compression as they come to have elastic trim. 

What Is An After Pregnancy Belt?

As the name goes, this garment is used after the baby is born. After pregnancy belly band or belt helps to support the lower back. Belt is mostly used for postpartum recovery. You can wear this garment to improve blood circulation. 

Many women who undergo cesarean delivery wear this belt. After pregnancy belt is a stretchy and rigid garment that you have to wear around your belly. It covers the area under the breasts and ends at the hips. 

It is also known as after birth belly band.

What Are the Causes of Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy?

It is very common to experience mild bellyache during pregnancy. Here are some of the common causes of stomach pain during pregnancy.

  • Round Ligament Pain: When the size of the uterus increases during pregnancy, it leads to abdominal pain. The round ligament stretches and causes dull or sharp pain in the lower belly. 
  • Growing Uterus: This is another cause of abdominal pain during pregnancy. The bowel gest displaced due to growing uterus. It can lead to nausea and abdomen pain during pregnancy.
  • Gas: During pregnancy, progestogen increases in the body. It affects gastrointestinal function, thereby leading to gas. It is one of the major causes of pregnancy discomfort.
  • Constipation: Constipation is another cause of lower belly pain pregnancy. Due to the increase in progestogen, digestion slows down, which leads to constipation. To prevent this, you need to drink more water and eat more fiber. 
  • Braxton-Hicks Contractions: These are practice or fake contractions. Many times pregnant women experience this type of contraction due to dehydration. It can cause sharp abdominal pain. You need to drink plenty of fluids to avoid it.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Pregnancy Support Belt?

Maternity belt support helps to relieve pain and discomfort. You can use it to get rid of stomach pain, back pain, and pelvic pain. Here are some of the benefits of using a pregnancy belt.

  • Reduce Pain: A Pregnancy support belt for back pain helps to relieve and reduce back pain. It also helps to alleviate pelvic pain and stomach pain. When you wear this belt, it takes up most of the weight, thereby reducing pain.
  • Corrects Posture: This belt also helps to even out the center of gravity by managing the belly weight and stabilizing posture. You can use this belt to improve posture during pregnancy.
  • Lower Risk of Falls: As this belt stabilizes the weight and balance, it lowers the risk of falls. It also helps to relieve pelvic pressure.
  • Exercise Made Easier: It is very important for pregnant women to walk and indulge in some form of exercise. However, it becomes difficult due to an enlarged belly and added weight. But, you can easily exercise while wearing this belt.
  • Reduces Leg Swelling: The baby bump weight falls on the lower back and leads to leg swelling. However, with the help of this belt, you can stabilize the weight and prevent swelling in the legs.

What Are the Benefits of Using Pregnancy Support Band?

A Maternity bump band is very useful during pregnancy. If you are finding it difficult to find clothes to wear during pregnancy, you can invest in a good bump band. Here are some benefits of using it.

  • No Need to Buy Clothes: With the help of this band, you can easily manage to wear your old clothes during a pregnancy instead of purchasing a new one. You can wear this band underneath your clothes to cover exposed areas.
  • Multi-Purpose Band: It is a multipurpose pregnancy belt band that can work to relieve pain, cover the hips and abdomen area as well as offer support after childbirth. 
  • Relieves Pain: There is some bump band that is flexible as well as stretchy. It can help you to relieve back pain as well as abdomen pain.

Why Use After Pregnancy Belly Band?

It is very important to wear a belly band after pregnancy. In order to support and shape your after-pregnancy belly, you need to invest in this belt. Here are some benefits of using it.

  • Postpartum Stomach Support: After childbirth, the skin around the stomach becomes loose and uncomfortable. However, you can wear a pregnancy wrap or a belt to support the stomach. 
  • Relieve Stomach Pain: It also helps to relieve stomach pain after pregnancy. The tight belt can help to relieve back pain, stomach pain, pelvic pain, and discomfort.
  • Supports Pelvic Floor: If there is perineal tearing during childbirth, you can use this belt to manage the pain and provide support to the pelvic floor.
  • Helps during C-Section: This belt also helps to increase the blood flow and helps C-Section moms to recover quickly. It also increases mobility. 
  • Shapes Body: You can also wear this belt around the stomach to shape your hanging belly. It makes you look slim and increases confidence. 


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