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PahadNama a Podcast where you listen to Hindi poems, stories, and incidents on Pahad. A new ride to the mountains begins here. So, put on your earphones for a soothing listening experience.

In the journey, we meet the different experiences of Pahad on human relationships and emotions. Just by expressing them in form of Kavita, we try to give it a human touch. Sometimes it will be childish and sometimes it would be a shrew.

PahadNama A Podcast

Introduction: PahadNama a Podcast

PahadNama: Pahad Bolta Hai. Chappa- Chappa, choti- choti, chum- chum, kar naapunga, kuch issi tarah se pahad tera pahadnama main gaaunga.

Listen here : Chappa- Chappa, choti- choti,

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Pahad Ak Sajeev Sanskriti:

For many people, Pahad is just an accumulation of soil, stones, trees, and river. With such an interpretation of Pahad, people start thinking and treating it as an object. But it is more than that. It is a home of lively cultures.

Listen here: Pahad Ak Sajeev Sanskriti 

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Pahadon Ke Patal Walle Ghar :

Diwali is everyone’s favorite in India. Every nook and corner fills with light at this time but there are some homes in the Pahad that have not seen the light for many times because people have left them.

Listen: Pahadon Ke Patal Walle Ghar

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