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Pacifier for Newborn

Pacifier for Newborn: Everything You Need to Know

Parenting is not a child’s play! Especially when you have no prior knowledge or experience about caring for a newborn, however, there are many baby products available in the market to make it easier for you. One such popular and widely used product is pacifier for newborn. Nearly 85% of parents use pacifiers as it soothes and calms the baby. However, many parents have concerns and queries about using a pacifier for newborn. So, if you are one of these parents, read this article. Here, we are going to discuss pacifier safety and use in newborns.

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What Is A Pacifier for Newborn?

It is a nipple substitute specially made for infants. Pacifiers come in silicon, plastic, and rubber material. You can give it to your infant or newborn to suckle on. It helps to soothe and satisfy infants, thereby making them quiet.

There are many different names given to pacifiers like a newborn dummy, binky, Dodie, and soother. This substitute nipple has three parts, i.e., mouth shield, elongated teat, and handle.

You have to put the elongated teat into the infant’s mouth. The handle helps you to safely remove it from their mouth. A mouth shield prevents infants from putting the entire newborn binky into their mouth.

Babies love dummy pacifier as sucking is second nature to them. It helps them to suck without feeding and prepares them for bottle feeding as well.

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Can I Give My Newborn A Pacifier?

Yes, it is safe to give newborns pacifiers from birth. However, many breastfeeding mothers are recommended at the hospital to wait for few weeks before introducing the baby to a pacifier. It is done it avoid nipple confusion.

Using a pacifier is different from breastfeeding. However, doctors suggest that doing both things at the same time might confuse the baby.

In such cases, they might prefer using a pacifier instead of latching on their mother’s breast. It might make breastfeeding difficult for the mother as well as the child.

It is also not recommended to use pacifiers instantly with preterm babies. As they have weak sucking muscles, you need to wait until they develop stronger muscles.

However, new research was conducted in which babies were introduced to pacifiers from day one. The results proved that pacifiers encourage them to breastfeed.

As there is no conclusive answer, it is best to consult your doctors before introducing your baby to a pacifier. However, if you are bottle-feeding your baby, there is no harm in giving them a binky pacifier from the first day.

When to Introduce Pacifier?

You can introduce a pacifier from birth to any age as there are no guidelines. You can start pacifier training at three months as well as six months of age. There is 6 month pacifier available in the market for infants.

You can even start using pacifiers from the first day. However, you need to use newborn soother only as it is developed, especially for newly born kids. It is small so that it can easily fit in their mouth without causing any discomfort or problems.

However, if you wish to breastfeed your child, it is wise to wait for at least four weeks so that your child can learn how to latch on the nipple. It will help them to learn the difference between an actual nipple and a pacifier.

Can A Newborn Sleep With A Pacifier?

Yes, it is actually good for a newborn to sleep with a pacifier. It helps them to easily fall asleep and stay asleep for a good time. Research shows that pacifiers help to lower the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Many newborns die between the ages of 1 month to a year due to these problems.

However, if you give them pacifiers during sleep, it will help to lower the risk of death by 50%. Even though the pacifier falls out of their mouth, it will still be beneficial.

Giving pacifier at night has many advantages. It helps to protect them from SIDS as well as suffocation. When the baby sleeps with a pacifier in their mouth, it prevents them from rolling or sleeping on their stomach.

As sleeping on the stomach is not good for them, pacifiers help the baby to stay safe at night. It also helps them to develop strong breathing muscles and good nerve reflexes. Apart from the babies, it helps the parents to get a bit of rest between constantly taking care of the baby.

Pacifier for Newborn: Good or Bad?

When it comes to newborn pacifier use, the biggest concern parents have about the side effects. Most of the parents ask the same question to the doctors, i.e., are pacifiers bad?

Well, pacifiers are mostly beneficial for kids, but there are few side effects or disadvantages of using them. Every parent has their own opinion on using it. So, we are going to highlight the benefits and side effects of using pacifiers. It will help you to come to your own conclusion whether it is good or bad for your kid.

Benefits of Pacifier for Newborn:

Pacifiers have become an ally for parents as it helps them to easily care for and wean their baby. Contrary to popular belief, it is not bad for your kids. Here are some of the benefits of using a pacifier for your newborn baby.

  • Lower SIDS Risk: The main benefit of using a pacifier is that it helps to lower the risk of SIDS. It is a proven fact and helps to lower the risk by half.
  • Soothing and Calming Effect: It helps to soothe and make the child calm. Babies are extremely sensitive when they are small. They can easily start crying due to any reason. However, a pacifier helps to soothe and calm them.
  • Easy Sleep: Pacifier brings easy and quick sleep to them. When you give them a pacifier, it makes them easily fall asleep without waking up again and again.
  • Self-Soothing: It is a self-soothing mechanism that helps the babies to relax. When the wake up from sleep, it will help in immediately making them calm due to the self-soothing effect.
  • Helps with Breastfeeding: If you are breastfeeding your baby, it will give a break from constantly caring for them. Once they are full, you can put a pacifier in their mouth.
  • Content and Happy Baby: It will help you to keep your baby content and happy as they have a natural instinct to suck.
  • Removes Anxiety and Fear: You can also use a pacifier if your baby is feeling anxious or scared. It will prevent them from becoming fussy.
  • Helps to Distract Them: You can use a pacifier to distract a child if they are sick. It will also be useful during bathing and giving them shots. Many parents use it during traveling as well.

Side Effects of Using Pacifiers:

Although an infant pacifier is not really bad as thumb sucking, there are still some side effects of using it. So, before you start giving your newborn a pacifier, make sure you consider these things.

  • Nipple Confusion: The main side effect of using a pacifier is that it can lead to nipple confusion. The infant might prefer using a pacifier and stop breastfeeding. It will disturb the breastfeeding schedule.
  • Infections: Another side effect is infections. It can cause an oral as well as an ear infection. It increases the risk for spreading germs which can further lead to the risk of ear infection.
  • Teeth Speech Problems: Prolonged use of pacifiers might make the teeth crooked as well as cause speech problems. Wit will hinder oral development, which leads to issues like tooth decay, swallowing problems, and speech problems.
  • Allergies: It can cause an allergic reaction as well. This might lead to throat infections and breathing problems.
  • Dependency: Your child may become dependent on a pacifier. They will cry when you remove it or if it falls off their mouth.
















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