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Nipple Protector

Nipple Protector: Nursing Shields for Breastfeeding

Nipple protector is for breastfeeding, as it is crucial for the growth and development of newborns and infants. It not only helps new mothers to feed their babies but also to create a strong bond with them.

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However, there can be some minor complications with breastfeeding. Sometimes newborns have problems latching. Because of weak breastfeeding latch, they don’t get enough nutrition.

So, for proper breastfeeding, many women use nipple shields or protectors. There are different types of breastfeeding products available to help with nursing breastfeeding

If you want to know more about nipple protectors and shields, follow this guide. In this article, we will give you all the information about using nipple protector.

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What Is A Nipple Protector?

It is a breastfeeding product that helps you to feed your baby if there are any breastfeeding complications. It is also known as a nipple shield

For example, if there is newborn latch difficulty, where your child cannot easily latch on to your breast, you can use this shield. 

nipple shield is a thin and transparent nipple shape cap that covers your nipple and the areola. It is soft and made of silicone or rubber. There is a small hole at the tip of the shield from where the milk flows in your child’s mouth. 

However, you need to use a nipple guard for nursing only when necessary. You need to consult a breastfeeding specialist and follow all the tips in order to safely use the product while breastfeeding.

What Are Breast Shells?

It is a different product that you can use for breastfeeding your baby. Many people confuse it for a nipple shield. However, both the products are different.

Breast shells are disk-shaped and made of plastic. It is mostly used for correcting flat or inverted nipples. It is also known as a breast shield

You can use this product to prepare for breastfeeding. This hollow plastic device puts pressure on the surrounding area of the breast, thereby drawing out the nipple.

If you have a sensitive nipple, you can use breast shells for breastfeeding. It helps you to collect milk and avoid painful and sensitive nipples.

What Is A Breast Pump Shield?

If you want to collect breast-milk into a bottle, you can use a breast pump shield. It is a small plastic or silicone device which fits around your nipple and helps you to easily draw milk out of the nipple and collect it.

There is a suction pump that puts pressure on the breast. The nipple is collected to a funnel which helps you to directly collect the milk in the bottle. 

Do Nipple Shields Work?

Yes, nipple shields work and help you with different types of breastfeeding problems. However, you need to consult a breastfeeding specialist and follow the care and advice.

This way, you can correctly use it. You also need to use the right size of nipple caps as per the size of your nipple. It will help the baby to easily latch on your nipple while feeding. Nipple shields also help to avoid pain and discomfort if you have sensitive nipples. 

What Are the Benefits of Nipple Shield or Nipple protector?

The purpose of nipple shield is to help new mothers as well as babies with breastfeeding. You can use it for many purposes. Here are some benefits of a nipple shield for nursing

  • Helps Babies to Latch On: You can use nursing shields for breastfeeding infants with latching problems. It gives them a proper latch for breastfeeding. 
  • Breastfeeding Tongue-Tied Infants: Infants with tongue-tie may also not be able to breastfeed easily. They have difficulties latching onto the nipple. It can also lead to painful and sore nipples. To avoid this problem, you can use a silicone nipple protector for breastfeeding.
  • Feeding Premature Babies: These babies have small mouths and weak muscles. As they cannot fit a large nipple into their mouth, you need to use a nipple shield latch. Once their mouth is big enough, you can try weaning off nipple shield and directly breastfeed them.
  • Flat, Inverted, or Retracted Nipples: If you have flat or inverted nipples, the child will not be able to draw milk out of it. However, you can use a nipple shield for flat nipples to make it easier for the child to latch.
  • Switching from Bottle to Breast: Sometimes, newborns are used to feeding directly from the bottle instead of breasts. So, in order to transition from bottle to breast, you can use a breast nipple shield.
  • Helps with Sore Nipples: You can also use nursing shields for breastfeeding your baby without experiencing sore nipples. If your nipples are cracked or sore, you can use a silicone nipple shield while breastfeeding.

How to Use a Nipple Shield with a Newborn?

When it comes to using a nipple shield with a newborn, you need to consult an expert and follow their guidance. The first thing you need to do is purchase a breast shield size that is perfect for a newborn and fits perfectly on your nipple.

After that, you need to soak the nipple guards in warm water. Once it is clean and sterilized, you need to stretch the shield and put the nipple and areola into it. 

The nipple should perfectly fit into the raised portion of the shield. Now, you can tickle your baby’s nose with the nipple and bring their mouth towards the shield.

Use your finger and thumb to gently put the shield-covered nipple into their mouth. 

What Are Different Nipple Shield Sizes? or Nipple protector Sizes

Nipple shield fit is very important when it comes to breastfeeding babies. You need to measure your nipple and choose the Nipple protector as per the size. There are different nipple shield sizes available. 

Nipple shield size for newborn depends on the size of your nipple and the newborn’s mouth. 

  • 21-20mm Nipple Shield: If the diameter of your nipple is 16 or 17mm, you need to use this size. 
  • 24mm Nipple Shield: It is perfect for 20mm nipple size.
  • 27mm Nipple Shield:  You can use this size of shield for 23mm nipple size.
  • 30mm Nipple Shield: If your nipple size is 26mm, you need to use this size shield.
  • 36mm Nipple Shield: This size of the shield is perfect for nipples up to 32mm size.


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