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Mungfali: A Hindi Poem

Mungfali: A Hindi Poem. A remembrance of such times in Pahad when all member in the family just sit down and have an actual conversation over Mungfali. Though there are several stories and Hindi poems around the every situation but this kavita will definitely brings you back to the time of childhood.

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Mungfali: A Hindi Poem

In pahad , we used to sit under the razai in the nights of winter with peanuts. usually at this time, there is power cut. What we have to do else talking to each other. We used to do same, fight, playing antaxari, and various other things. That was the quality time we used to spend with our family. One day, I was remembering those days. I found those words.


पहाड़ों की वो सर्द भरी रातें, फिर से याद आयी

रातें  जो परिवार संग हमने बिताई।

मूँगफली की दावत मिलके हमने उड़ाई, ओढे अपनी- अपनी रज़ाई।

फटाक फटाक का गुँजन ही, देता था केवल सुनाई।


तीन दाने आये तो झूम कर खुशियाँ मनाई,

निकली मूँगफली खाली तो, दुकानदार को खूब गालियाँ सुनाई ,

कड़वी मूँगफली जो खाई —– आ थू — थूककर फिर से अपनी किस्मत आजमाई ,

हर बार लास्ट है कहकर, अगली के लिए फिर उंगुलियां बढ़ाई।

Final Word:

In our childhood, we used to listen ” Mungfali me dana nhi Hum tumare mama nhi”. Though this is a simple Hindi poem, it lives in the hearts of many of us. Every child used to know it. This is an effort to create such simple Hindi kavita that would rule the minds of many people especially children. For such simple Hindi poems visit here.





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