DigitalDeepak Internship Program

8 Marketing Lessons I Learned From DigitalDeepak Internship Program

Hey, Do you know, a 2nd-week of the DigitalDeepak Internship Program has changed my whole perspective about marketing?  The way Digital Deepak sir understands and presents things, I am not sure I could learn from anywhere else.

Before, the lesson, I used to think that mastering some tools are going to make me a digital marketer. When I heard Deepak sir telling, he is learning marketing for 10 years, then I realized learning marketing is an ongoing process.

Interesting right! Want to know more?

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8 Marketing Lessons I Learned From DigitalDeepak Internship Program:

Unlike other programs, here we learn things by doing. A practical approach keeps us engaged to meet our goal which is learning in the first place. Here are 8 Marketing Lessons I Learned From DigitalDeepak Internship Program.

  1. Fundamentals of marketing: 

So, tell me what is marketing all about for you? 1. Art 2. Science. Just like many other people I used to see marketing closer to art but here I got to know that it is a science. In common notion what we think that marketing is just about creating catchy slogans or advertisements, and only happens when we have products to sell.

But, you will be surprised to know that marketing takes place even before the product exists. The process starts from understanding the minds of customers and making the products what they want. If you are able to do so, you can make a self-sell product. Isn’t it fascinating?

Yes! most of us claim to know it already. But, how many of us are capable of making such products or have examples. very less right. If I say this DigitalDeepak Internship Program is designed with keeping this simple thing in mind then you are going to relate it.

To understand the fundamentals of marketing, you need to understand some points, like:

  • Research what people want
  • Product what gives solution
  • How the product communicate with customers
  • Right messages to the right person at the right time
  • Value customers for life


2. Digital Marketing vs. Traditional marketing: 

Guess what we all are emphasizing the importance of Digital Marketing over traditional marketing. And, ignore the essence of traditional marketing. I was no exception until I attended this session.

People don’t trust products or services. They trust people. Let’s think in this way. If we are meeting people the first time and trying to sell products, do they buy? Of course not.


Because of one missing element which is trust. That we fully care of in traditional marketing. In the same way, the digital marketing approach should be.

First, we have to build trust by providing customers value. It can be any form. Free knowledge with well-researched content, providing them good customer volume, or another.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing should go hand in hand. Only this way, businesses can acquire loyal consumers.


3. n^CATT Marketing Funnel: 

Wealth= n^ CATT, A simple formula to generate wealth. Here n denotes niche. It includes your interest or expertise that empowers CATT.

CATT Marketing funnel is the technique to achieve our selling goals. CATT means content, attention, trust, transaction. Must be wondering how these things can be able to achieve selling goals?

  • Content: Blog posts, social media posts,  live webinars, podcasts, videos, and lead magnets are some effective ways to provide value to people. Make them loyal with useful information. In this way, you covert them to potential customers.
  • Attention: Use SEO, Paid ads, social media ads to grab attention to your content.
  • Trust: If you have sold something to customers, pay attention to whether they are satisfied or not. Or if they are content consumers only, ask for their feedback.  And know what they want to know about related to that particular niche.
  • Transaction: Once, all things are set, only then you should go for sale. If leads are converted to customers, you need to take care of their satisfaction. And try to retarget them.




4. Niche selection:

Already said about the niche. But it is the most difficult and tricky part of all learnings. If you choose any random niche, you are going to give up soon due to a lack of interest.  Here are some questions to ask for finding your Niche.

  • What you are truly passionate about?
  • Do you have relevant skills?
  • What is the market volume for that?
  • Your competition
  • Different perspectives for regular problems.

5. Integrated Digital Marketing: 

Generally, we learn one marketing platform and try to excel on that. And ignore the whole picture. We forget that we are not here for being masters of a particular tool. Instead of that, we are here to reach people to offer them values.

Integrated marketing is a strategy that combines all of the marketing tactics across all channels. So, that we can look at the whole picture.

That is the best way to communicate with consumers and know their behaviors in a cohesive way.

6. MassTrust Blueprint : 


MassTrust Blueprint, not a new word added to your vocab. An old concept that DigitalDeepak refined with his new and innovative understanding of marketing. As the name suggests, it is a step-by-step process to set mass trust. That is a great tool for personal branding. 


  1. Learn: To learn any skill, we have to understand the Concepts. Then remember the Facts. And finally, go for implementing the Procedures.
  2. Work: Now apply your learning in work. Make those projects that you are going to be proud of. The implementation helps you to understand your learning deeper. Real-time projects push you under pressure that makes you come out better.
  3. Blog: Now it is time to document your practical learning through blogs or videos. In this way, you connect with people and offer them values without expecting anything in exchange.  That is where you start building the personal brand through youtube or Blog writing.
  4. Consult: Once your personal brand is been created successfully. You can start consulting businesses. You can charge if you feel so. It helps companies to get some ideas with your work experiences. So that they can target the customers in a better way.  Consulting is a master tool to know your Value as well as the market needs.
  5. Mentor: Inspire people and lighten their paths who want to follow your footsteps by Mentoring others.  Mentoring is another way to scale up your overall knowledge and strengthen your understanding of a specific topic.
  6. Startup: Mentoring and Consulting is the best way to discover your Niche where you get the confidence to build a Startup. Now it is time to make people’s life easy with your services and products.

But it doesn’t end here. It is a new journey to begin where you have to repeat the steps.

8. Communication skills: 

Communication is the backbone of every relationship whether it is personal or professional. Many people confuse communication skills with language skills. It is a great myth. The goal of communication is to deliver what is in your mind successfully.

New types of communications are emerging. It can be video, social media posts, podcasts, or other mediums to deliver content.


Generally, human tendency is to make easy things complicated. Marketing has been prayed of this as well. I also limited marketing in some tools until I attended the session. It is quite informative and gives a different perspective. Surely, I feel that I am heading to Alok Pratap Singh 2.0.