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Maa or ATM Card: Hindi Poem

Maa or ATM Card: Hindi Poem is a heart touching poem dedicated to mother. If you are from a middle-class background you can better relate to it. There was a time when we were not exposed to ATM. Not only for money but any permission, we have to contact our father. But we have some communication gap with our father. So we use our mother as an application form. She used to do cost-cutting only for our demand from her daily budget. Most of us have seen the time when she doesn’t have a Saari still she used to fulfill our demand without letting us know. You must have heard or remember the personal sacrifices of mother.


Maa or ATM Card: Hindi Poem

The only motive behind her sacrifices is to give you all the things that you deserve or love the most. Remember how you used to share everything you need from your father. She is basically a way to communicate with father.

वो एटीएम का दौर नहीं,

पर एटीएम मेरे घर में है।

एटीएम क्या !

 हर काम को करने से पहले की परमिशन है।

maa (माँ)  मेरी डेबिट कार्ड है,

परमिशन मांगने की एप्लीकेशन है।

शौक भी न, माँ के मेरी  नवाबी है,

घर के खर्चों से कुछ बचाकर,

मुझपे उड़ाना, समझती अपनी अयासी है


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