Hindi Poems |Quotes| On Father

Hindi Poems |Quotes| On Father are here to celebrate the fatherhood and remembering his contribution to make us what we are today. These few lines on father in Hindi are my way to express on behalf of those who love their father but can’t tell. Every shayari on father in Hindi will keep your heart out with awe that you also can put on your status for father love in Hindi on wats up and any other social media platform.

Hindi Poems |Quotes| On Father:

Looking for the fathers day status in Hindi ? Get here numbers of father status in Hindi. This father’s day dedicate these quotes on father in Hindi language, and acknowledge his contribution in your life. Though you can’t pay him back, quotes on father in Hindi language will definitely help you both come closer.

” चट्टान को भी पिगलते देखा है, 

जब बाप को बेटे की याद में रोते हुए देखा है। “

One of the emotional quotes on father in Hindi that can make you realize what a strong feelings you get when you see your father cry for you in alone. You can put it in the papa beta status in Hindi

” ख़ामोशी उसकी, डाँट से ज्यादा चुबती है,

पिता की नम आंखें, गुस्से से लाल हुई आँखों से ज्यादा सीने में उतरती हैं। ” 

One of the few lines on father in Hindi that most of us can related to. Father is known for rebuking you in your minor mistakes but when he is actually upset with you, he takes silence. That pinch a lot.  if you are sorry get here is पिताजी के लिए स्टेटस

lines on father
lines on father

पिता दिवस पर कुछ लाइनें : Fathers day status in Hindi

Make this a status for dad and son before looking for I love my father quotes. As you will understand, expressing love is not same for everyone. Father is mostly misunderstood person.


” वो कहते हैं !

नारियल की तरह सख्त हूँ मैं। 

मैंने कहा: 

मेरे बच्चों !

तुम्हे छूने का सलीखा सीखना अभी बाकी हैं। “

All you find love in this fathers day status in Hindi. With mother we can easily say I love you but what happens to us when it come to father. I think these happy father’s day quotes in Hindi are perfect way to express your love without showing off. That can avoid the awkwardness.


papa nd son

” प्यार में भी घोटाले होते हैं साहिब,


माँ की ममता से सख्ती और “बाप के प्यार के लिए शब्द ” 

गायब नहीं होते। ” 

Get here the Happy fathers day in Hindi that shows the importance of father in life. All these happy fathers day wishes in Hindi, are symbol of father’s sacrifice to make your life.

Hindi Poems |Quotes| On Father:

The fathers day thoughts in Hindi will compel you to hone the relationship between you and your father. फादर कोट्स इन हिंदी only shows compassion toward this special relation.

father and son


” उम्र भर की कमाई जो पूछी 

मेरे घमंड ने पिता से मेरे,

नजरे मुझपे यूँ गड गई, जैसे कोई खजाना देख लिया हो “

Give this fathers day message in Hindi and win the beautiful relation of father and son, one of the most complex relation. Daughter and father relation is quite simple as daughter can express her love to him. Here are some fathers day quotes in Hindi from daughter.

” बहिनों से जलने की कुछ ख़ास वजह नहीं,

बस पिता का घमण्ड बनना चाहता हूँ। ” 

A shayari on father and daughter in Hindi, you can make it a status for father and daughter in any social media platform. Make it a father day status Hindi on your wallpaper or other social media page.

Happy fathers day quotes in Hindi:

Impress your father with fathers day wishes in Hindi. or you can make it father status in Hindi in your social media page. This is the best father’s day caption in Hindi that you can use in father’s day or any random day.

” बाप है वो, तुझे तुझसे बेहतर समझता है,

धक्का देने से पहले, तेरी क्षमता की गहराई जनता है। ” 


PahadNama solutes fatherhood that is a collection of Hindi poems especially on mountains. Are you one of those who believe that a father lives his whole life to give and only to give things to his son or He doesn’t expect anything else respect. And an ideal son believes that his father didn’t live his life fully because father was busy to fill son’s dream and does his hard work to achieve all the material things to make his father happy. But the truth is they both are doing to make happy each other without let the communication taking place. Do you believe so? because I do. In the next “Hindi Kavita” you will find the same response from both of them.. So hit the next button.


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