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Hindi poems| Quotes| Mother’s Day

Hindi poems| Quotes| Mother’s Day.

This Poem on mother is a replica of our childhood memories. The time we spend with our mother. She beat us for our mischievous but with a balanced way to punish us.  Her beating is hiding her love which we notice later in our life. I really miss those days, when a mother is running after his son or daughter to beat him or her. This scene was quite common those days. At that time, it was so cruel to beat her own offspring like this. But our mischievousness is very well known in society. Today we see the past and laugh aloud to remember it. AT that time the famous persons were Sachin Tendulkar, Australian cricketer Shane Warne, sprinter PT Usha. The poem on mother has mentioned their name to compare their skills with my mother’s.

Hindi poems| Quotes| Mother’s Day:

PahadNama will tell you the story. you need to just visit there.


शरारत  मेरी ऐसी, जैसे समन्दर में भवंडर उठे।

इस भवंडर को रोकने, प्रकट मेरी maa (माँ) हुई।

सचिन भी शर्मा जाये, ऐसी धुनाई करने लगी ,



बैट नहीं झाड़ू था उठा, बॉल की जगह मुझे था चुना।

कई शतक उस दिन पुरे होजाते, अगर ये कहीं रिकॉर्ड में दर्ज होजाते।


Happy mother day

ये किस्सा रोज होता पर राज की एक  बात बताऊँ,

झाड़ू का फूल वाला सिरा हमेशा मेरी ही तरफ होता।

maa (माँ) की ममता, गुस्से पे उसके भारी  पड़ जाती,

तब पीटी ऊषा बन, मैं दौड़  लगाती।

Mother's Day

फिर maa (माँ) मेरी शेनवार्न बन जाती,

पता नहीं कैसे हवा में चप्पल स्विंग कराती,

विकेट हमेशा मेरा उड़ाती,

पर शिकन चेहरे पे उसके साफ़ नजर आती,

मेरी शरारत, गुस्सा उसका पर

जीत हमेशा ममता जाती।


Anyone got beaten up by maa (Mother), please share your experiences with our website: poem on mother.


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