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Gulzar Sahab

Gulzar | Biography | Books | Awards

Gulzar is a writer, a novelist, a lyricist, a film scriptwriter, a director, a playwright, a producer,  an intellectual, a dialogue writer, and, at heart, a poet. However, writers and their work are always assessed of coming ages, and not in contemporary times, Gulzar is timeless from past, present to future.

In poetry or prose, he has distinct expression for new aspects and emotions that help readers to peep into their soul. His uniqueness and innovation is not limited to poetry or writing but extended to films where he earned unending series of accolades and awards. Surely, he wears more hats than one.

Gulzar Poetry Hindi lyrics

About Gulzar

We know him by Gulzar Sahab or Gulzar professionally or out of respect and affection. But Gulzar real name is Sampuran Singh Kalra.

Interesting Fact

Gulzaar was working as Bimal Roy’s assistant. There he came across Meena Kumari who was the heroine of Bimal Roy’s film Benazir. Gradually, their acquaintance reached to relationship.

Meena Kumari was ill and refused to have medicine due Ramadan fast. Gulzaar Shahab went her home and convinced her to take medicine by saying that she is not obliged to fast due to illness. Instead, he fasted on her part. Gulazaar Sahab continued fast in Ramadan fast even after the death of Meena Kumari.

On the other hand, Meena Kumari handed over her diaries and copies of her ghazals and poems that were written to Gulzar. Later he edited and published them. Meena Kumari played the lead role in  “Mere Apne” that was Gulzar’s first film.

After the death of Meena Kumari, he married Rakhi, a veteran actress. From this marriage, he has his only daughter Meghna Gulzar. Shortly after the birth of Meghna alias Boski, Gulzar and Rakhi separated but never divorced.

(Source: Rekhta.org)

Gulzar Family

  • Father: Makhan Singh Kalra
  • Mother: Sujan Kaur
  • Wife: Rakhi
  • Daughter: Meghna

Gulzar Biography

Early life:

Born in born August 18 , 1934 in  Dina, Jhelum District, undivided India. His parents are Makhan Singh Kalra and Sujan Kaur. Parents named him Sampuran Singh Kalra. In his school life, he was inspired by Rabindranth Tagore and used to read translations of his work.

During Partition:

His family survived the tragic partition. Sampuran Singh Kalra came to Amritsar and then Delhi and started living in camp. He stopped his studies, worked  in petrol pump, later came to Bombay. He did many small jobs there for living, including at a garage but never stopped writing. Initially, his father rebuked him for it.  Then he started writing with name Gulzar Deenvi later becomes Gulzar.


He began his career under Bimal Roy and Hrishkesh Mukherjee. S.D. Burman gave him chance in film Bandini to write lyrics. He wrote his first song “Mora Gora Ang Liye Le Mohe Shyam Rang Dei De” .  SD Burman and Bimal Roy liked it very much. Later it became a very popular. (Source: Rekhta.org)

Favorite Writers:

  •  Rabindranath Tagore
  • Sharat Chand


Books and Gulzar poems

He has treasure of poems and books and each one is master piece in itself. But here are some of the books, I read.

  • Raavi Paar
  • Raat Pashmine Ki
  •  Pukhraj
  • Triveni
  • Selected Poems
  • Suspected Poems


His contribution to the literature and progressive writings are above any award. Here are some awards which he glorifies.

  • Padma Bhushan
  • Sahitya Akademi Award
  • Academy Award for Best Original Song
  • Dadasaheb Phalke Award






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