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Red Happy Father's Day Instagram Post


A Father and Son relation is quite complex to understand. A typical Indian upbringing and conditioning! you know. Having silence and distance from each other but eager to communicate and getting closer. Who is going to break the silence first? That is the issue. Both have their plans to live their lives for each other without letting one another to know. But the question arises whether any of them wants it.

Father and Son relation is more complex than understanding rocket science. Father loves son but never express it. Yes mother solves all the problems of  son but indirectly father helps her out without letting him know. Father makes the sacrifices to fulfill his son’s dream. That is his love. But son sees it that his father could invest on himself but he choose to make the sacrifices for me. Little- Little sacrifices of his father are the pieces of his father’s strength what makes him complete. So, Through out the life son thinks what should I do to make my father feel proud. And we will get a normal healthy relation.

No, father and son relation is based on love. When we are in love we believe in self sacrifices. These sacrifices are not painful but give some inner happiness. Both should realize this thing. The generation problem.

What happens when both doesn’t accept the fact?

Son starts struggling to prove himself in front of father. He also starts take care what his father really wants to say without letting him know. They both are living and doing for each other what both didn’t expect from each other. Now issues between relations start to show up and their silence start criticizing each other.

How to nourish any relation :

The only thing can nourish any relation and that is communication and understanding each other. Father wants that his son will enjoy his life and son wishes the same for him.

Hindi Poem:


जन्म दिया वही उपकार किया क्या कम,

शिक्षा हमारी बोझ तले दबे रहे तुम,

जीवन में कुछ सुख भोग न सके

नए  सपने कुछ बुन न सके


अपने सपनो के  काट पंख,

चाहा  बस बेटा 

छा जाये तू 

हिमालय के ताज पर,

होने न दूंगा इस बात का  अहसास,

तेरा बाप नहीं था रईस कुछ ख़ास,

सोच कर यह बात कुछ सीने में जला देती है आग,

मेरे लिए, मेरी वजह से किया अपनी  खुशियों का त्याग,

क्या करूँ कि तुझे मुझ पर हो जाये नाज़,

मेरी ही वजह से नमन करे तुझे ये सारा समाज।

What happens after that:

बिन बताये एक दूजे के वास्ते

कर रहे हम दोनों काम ,

किये बिना कोई आराम,

काम का तनाव फिर इतना बढ़ आया,

एक दूजे के लिए किया हुआ काम एक दूजे को ही रास न आया,

बंद हो गयी आपस में बात, व्यस्त रहे काम में दोनों दिन- रात,

“शुरू हुई फिर तुम मुझे नहीं समझते- तुम मुझे नहीं समझते,”

ऐसे विलापों की बरसात

Solving Father and son relation issue:

सोचकर जब पहुँच जाऊंगा उस मक़ाम,

गीले सिकवे दूर करूँगा तमाम

पर मक़ाम की दुरी चली जाती है बढ़

गीले सिकवे जाते है और भी सुदृढ़


क्या मुश्किल है इतना समझपाना, बातचीत से ही टूटता है दूरियों का फसाना,

लड़ो, झगड़ो, सहमत हो, असहमत हो, पर बंद मत कर बातचीत के द्वार,

चुक जायेंगे जन्म देने का उपकार, बुन जायेंगे सपनो  का  सरोकार।


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