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Eve teasing

Eyes That Make Uncomfortable

” Eyes That Make Uncomfortable” a Hindi poem on Kagaj Kalam. A sign that shows how much ill our society is. Gazing can make anybody uncomfortable whether one is male or female. Self doubt and vulnerable to attack of any kind are those feelings that don’t let us live fully or freely which we deserve as a human beings.


Men and women both experience such thing in our society but women suffer the most. Eve teasing and the preconceived notion how a woman should live are just additions in their suffer. They are expected to answer everything to everybody especially to the ” moral police”  or” Samaaj Ke Tekedaar”.

These continuously striking eyes question women about their way of dressing, or judge them by self made character certificates. Some other shitty pervert eyes try to look through their clothes even they are wearing Burkha.

These gazing eyes deny your way of dressing, thinking, even your way of living. Sure, you can ignore those Eyes That Make Uncomfortable but then they start other ways to put you down. May be we all are not witness of those heinous crimes that takes places in bus, any turn of lonely roads, schools, offices, and many more, but these exist. This poem is inspired by such personal incidents that my female friends shared to me. I was filled with guilt of being a “Man” until I released it in my writing. But I am sure that it is very less than many of females suffer.

Such illness should be diagnosed as soon as possible otherwise we will be responsible for nurturing such a paralyzed society where none can see future for his sister or daughter. The another incident that you might relate to eve teasing is my another creation ” Rose :A Story On Eve Teasing

Eyes That Make Uncomfortable: A Hindi Poem

eyes that makes uncomfortable 1


चील – गिद्धों की ये आँखें

इंसानी तो नहीं लगती ये आंखें


जिस्म पे जोंक सी चिपकी ये आँखें कि आज कुछ नोच खाएंगे ये आँखें

कंधे पे दिखी हल्की सी स्ट्रिप और न जाने क्या क्या सोच लेती ये आँखें..



मेरे कपड़ों को देख मेरे चरित्र पर सवाल उठाती ये आँखें

बस एक टक मेरे जिस्म पे सिकती बर्फ सी ठंडी ये आँखें..


घबराई हूँ पर जोरों से सांस लेने से रोकती ये आंखें

पता नहीं सीने में गढ़ने का कौन सा नया बहाना ढूंढ ले ये आंखें

चील – गिद्धों की ये आँखें


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