Dussehra: Points You Need to Know

So guys, India is ready to witness the most celebrated festival of the country. Dussehra is near and will be celebrated with full fervour and enthusiasm all over the country. Dussehra marks win of truth over evil. The festival is celebrated exact 20 days before Deepawali. Also called as Vijaya Dashmi according to the Hindu calendar, it falls on the 10th day of the bright fortnight in Ashwin (a month in Hindu calendar).

Ultimate messages on Dussehra. 

Happy Dussehra

Importance of Dussehra

Dussehra is an important festival for Hindus. Not only Hindus, but people of other community also celebrate this festival with full fun.  As we know India is a land of diversity so the whole of India celebrate all of the festivals with love.

If we talk about the importance of Dussehra then it is important in various aspects. Apart from children and people getting an off from their busy schedule, it has other importance too. According to the Hindu mythological book Ramayana, Dussehra marks the end of Ravana – a demon.

Other than this story, on the same day (but in a different year), Goddess Durga killed a Deamon called Mahishasur so this day is also celebrated as Vijayadashmi.  Mahishasur has disrupted the lives of many people in his Kingdom. Maa Durga took a form of ten-headed Goddess and killed Mahishasur and freed all the people. Also called as Durga Puja, Bengalis celebrate this day with happiness. Maa Durga is considered the daughter of Earth. After this incident, Maa Durga returned to heaven. So all the people pay a teary tribute to Maa Durga. Lots of sweets and sindur (vermilion) are devoted to Maa Durga on this day.

Ravana was a Great King

We all have born and brought up saying Ravana was a demon. Apart from being a demon he was a person of good character. There are many stories where Ravana is portrayed as a good person. He is praised for his character and people devote him in many parts of the world and in Sri Lanka.

After Ravana was defeated by Lord Ram he praised Lord Ram. He knew that he would get defeated in the battle then also he fought the battle. His last words to Ram were “Jai Shree Ram”.

10 Heads of Ravana Depict 10 Different Evils of Society

His ten heads different evils of the society.

  • Kama (Lust)
  • Krodh (Anger)
  • Moh (Attachment)
  • Lobh (Greed)
  • Mada (Pride)
  • Swarth (Selfishness)
  • Matsara (Jealousy)
  • Ahankara (Ego)
  • Amanavata (Lack of Humanity)
  • Anayaya (Injustice)

He abducted Sita but he did not touch her even once. That was his great quality and respect for woman. According to the mythology, Ravana abducted Sita with a reason. he wanted to attain moksha and this was only possible when he could be killed by Lord Vishnu. So he came to know that Lord Rama was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. So when he will do anything worng then Lord Ram will kill him and he will attain moksha. So he fought the battle and was killed by the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This liberated him from the cycles of life and death.

A Learned Scholar

Ravana was also a learned scholar. He had mastery in astrology. When he was dying in the battlefield Lord Ram said to Laxman to extract some of the knowledge from Ravana. Then Ravana told Laxman the three lessons.

  • Never underestimate your enemy.
  • Dont do bad to any people.
  • Dont delay good, if you have a thought of helping any person then do it then and there.

He was a poet, a musician, played Veena. He was also a devotee of Lord Mahadev Shiva ji. He was also a good architect. So these were some of the qualities of Ravana.

Different Names of Lord Ram

  • Adipurusha
  • Anantaguna
  • Brahmanaya
  • Danta
  • Dayasara
  • Dhanurdhara
  • Dhanvine
  • Hari
  • Jagadguruve
  • Jaitra
  • Janakivallabha
  • Janardana
  • Jitakrodha
  • Jitamitra
  • Jitavarashaye
  • Jitendra
  • Kausaleya
  • Mahabhuja
  • Mahadeva
  • Mahapurusha
  • Mahayogi
  • Mahodara
  • Para
  • Parabrahmane
  • Paraga
  • Parakasha
  • Paramapurusha
  • Paramatmana
  • Parasmaidhamne
  • Parasmaijyotishe
  • Parasme
  • Paratpara
  • Paresha
  • Peetavasane
  • Pitrabhakta
  • Punyodaya
  • Purvabhashine
  • Raghava
  • Rajeevalochana
  • Rajendra
  • Ram
  • Ramabhadra
  • Ramachandra
  • Sarvadevadideva
  • Sarvadevastuta
  • Sarvadevatmika
  • Sathyavache
  • Satyavrata
  • Setukrute
  • Shashvata
  • Shoora
  • Shrimate
  • Shyamanga
  • Smitavaktra
  • Sundara
  • Tatakantaka
  • Trilokatmane
  • Tripurte
  • Trivikrama
  • Vagmine
  • Varaprada
  • Vedantasarea
  • Vedatmane
  • Viradhavadha
  • Yajvane

Significance of Dussehra

Several regions in India celebrate Dussehra in their own way. As written in the mythological books, Ravana abducted Sita, the wife of Lord Rama and took her forcefully to his kingdom in Sri Lanka by a airplane called Pushpak. After this incident Lord Rama decided to go to Sri Lanka and defeat Ravana. He started from his exile ground by collecting a force of monkeys,where he met Sugriv and Hanuman. Hanuman was a great devotee of Lord Rama. They all decided to attack Ravana and free Goddess Sita.

They defeated Ravana with his two brothers Meghnad and Kumbhkarana. That is the reason when the effigies are burnt then alongwith Ravana Megnad and Kumbhkaran are also put to fire. Many days before, people make preparations to perform skit, plays, musicals and other memorable episodes that are important to the festival.

Dussehra Quotes and Dussehra Messages

This festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm and people spread the messages of the win over evil by sending dussehra quotes in Hindi to their fellows and loved ones. Here are some of the Dussehra quotes that will inspire each and every one of us.

“Jaise ram ne jeeta lanka ko,

Waise app bhi jeeten saari duniya.

Is dussehre mil jayen app ko,

Duniya bhar ki saari khushiyan.

Shubh Dussehra”


“Is Vijayadashami app ko,

Duniya bhar ki saari khushiyan Mill Jaye

Happy Dussehra!”


“Dussehra ka tehor apke aur apke parivar ke jivan me khushiya, sukh, shanti bhar de.

Happy Dussehra!”


“Dussehra ka tehor apke aur apke parivar ke jivan me khushiya, sukh, shanti bhar de.

Happy Dussehra!”



ANYAY per NYAY or BURAI per ACCHAI ki vijay..

Yahi hai Dussehra ka tyohar

Dussehra ki shubhkamnaye”


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Dussehra 2019 Images, Wallpapers

Fill your lives with these happy Dussehra Images and Gifs. Browse our collection of Dussehra images 2019 and spread this among people and celebrate this festival with happiness.

happy dussehra



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