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Chess: Hindi Poem

Chess: Hindi Poem is only showing that sometimes we have to move to save us. In this process, we make our friends our enemy sometimes but it is not your fault. Life is itself in the same way. What we can do, we have to live life. It is bitter I know but it is true. People see it as that he is a winner but they don’t know the sacrifices we make behind the winning. No winning can fill the wounds of sacrifices.


Chess: Hindi Poem

शतरंज की बिसात, केवल मेज़ ही तक सीमित कहाँ।

अब ये खेल पल- पल, असल जिंदगी में खेला करता हूँ।

न चाहते हुये भी, कभी दूसरे के प्यादों को मारता हूँ,


कभी अपनों को कुर्बान करता हूँ।

देखने वाले, बस मेरी हार- जीत मापा करते हैं,

पर इस खेल में मैं हर रोज पल – पल मरता हूँ।


If you have ever played chess, you would have seen such circumstances when you have to sacrifice your own soldiers. The scenario is not different from real life. We have to do that but it hurts. Chess is a replica of our life no doubt, if you can relate it to life, you can learn how to play the game of Chess as well as the game of life. Through our Hindi poems, we try to feel light. PahadNama is our effort to be ourselves.




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