Sun and Earth: A Beautiful Love Story

Sun and Earth: A Beautiful Love Story HINDI:   ” इश्क़ का रोग होता ही,  ऐसा है जनाब बर्बाद होने की आयतें, हम रोज पढ़ा करते हैं।”   क्रोध नहीं ये सूर्य का, इश्क़ है इस धरती का महबूब की गली, महोब्बत में देखो  फनाह होने वो चली।   अन्जामे इश्क़ जो भी हो, भुगतना […]

Summer: Hindi Poem

Summer: Hindi Poem is about your encounter with scorching heat. The scorching heat can be funny only if you think it only this way. One of the Hindi poems that may help you laugh even in the scorching heat. Summer: Hindi Poem   धोख़े के किस्सों में, एक और नया अध्याय जुड़ गया।   जब जून […]

Hills on Fire: A Hindi Poem

Hills on Fire is a Hindi poem that shows our negligence toward our Pahad, forest, wild life, and others. Even, we are promoting such irresponsible acts by justifying our negligence that it is not our duty or what can we do. this negligence claims many lives of animals, trees, birds, and others. As a part […]