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Social issues of India are very complicated as we are living in very diverse country. One thing is right for one culture doesn’t fit to another. Without a common page how we are going to diagnose the social issues.

There is no simple answer of this. One thing is for sure only patience, education, and will power to change can make it feasible. The Social issues in India are deep down. Even a good education can’t bring them out. People must have determination to change. Otherwise weak will suffer for endless time. Poor, farmers, women, and many more fall in this category.

Yes, we have social issues. Many people especially youth are coming forward to fight against these all negativity. When there is dark, they are saving ray of hope for weaker section.

We light the social issues of India with Hindi poems, Hindi stories, and thoughts. Besides, they are challenging those problems by keeping their voice up. No, we are not doing anything new. Of course it has been done already. Our great Hindi poets have already made their point. Success for them is to inspire new generation to follow their steps.

Read the column and be part of this change. It will be a great appreciation for us.