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PahadNama: Pahad Bolta Hai

PahadNama is category in KagajKalam that try to show you various unknown aspects of Pahad, Pahadi culture, Pahadi foods, Pahadi dances, and many more.

PahadNama: Pahad Bolta Hai

Our PahadNama is a collection of Pahad’s pain, happiness, beauty, literature, art, and others. Basically, PahadNama is a story from writer’s point of view that mean I am myself Pahad. You will find here content in form of Hindi Kavita, Hindi stories, and other medium. Since the ages, there are many things happening in the Pahad but nobody is paying attention. Due to such ignorance, Pahad has ton of the things to say. Pahad has its own pain, happiness, victory, defeat, and others to share. It has taken this burden in its chest for so long. Now Pahad has got its voice to share in name of PahadNama.

What Pahad Means

Pahad is not only trees, wild animals, soil, and rocks but also a vibrant culture. You can find it in Uttarakhand, Himachal, and other hilly states of India. People living here are known as Pahadi. Nature here is so beautiful no doubt Pahadi people are blessed with living such beautiful place. Living here is quite tough, especially in winters. Rainy season is also dangerous here. Even people live here always under the fear of encountering dangerous wild animals. In spite of these offs they love to live their lives with liveliness.

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Mission Of PahadNama:

चप्पा- चप्पा, चोटी-चोटी , चुम-चुम कर नापुंगा,
कुछ इसी तरह से पहाड़ तेरा पहाड़नामा मैं गाऊँगा

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