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Hindi poems by Kagaj Kalam. A collection of Hindi rhymes and Hindi Kavita for adults and children. For any occasion or emotion, get here the best kavita in Hindi. People find Hindi mein kavita one of the most difficult ways to express. But it is the the best way to express emotions to improve shrewdness.

Hindi Poems: Kagaj Kalam

Every person feels alone, sad, break up at least once in his life. They simply pick up Kagaj Kalam to express their emotions.

So, it would be not exaggeration, if someone says that Hindi poems have been our savior at that point of time. Same thing happens when we are mesmerized with someone’s beauty, nature, love, here we also use our Hindi poems to express our heart no matter we have not picked a pen before it. Or we are feeling anger because of establishment, joblessness, captivity, our mind feels like agitating at that time we write our heart out in poems against those corrupt establishments.

Famous Hindi poets :

Dushyant kumar poems have been inspiration for many of youngsters. Gulzar poetry in Hindi taught us to love and live the life at it’s fullest. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar ki kavita always give us new perceptionto have right and wrong. We learn real meaning of patriotism with Atal ji ki kavita Suryakant Tripathi Nirala poems taught us to love the nature. Makhanlal Chaturvedi ki kavita has been the most recited among us as a common man’s voice. Allama iqbal poetry in Hindi are still sweet to our ears.

Hindi Poems

  Hindi Poems By Kagaj Kalam

Rramdhari singh Dinkar Rashmirathi gives us a right to ask questions even from God for truth. Some other creations from these famous Hindi poets are here to alive you.

All the Hindi kavita are a creative and shrewd way to make people understand about any topic without getting them physical hurt. It also helps them to open their mind to the problem and compel them to find a creative solution for that.

With using this art, you can make your children effective and thought leader and give an anchor to their bright future. In fact it is the best approach to a better world. This section, you will find Hindi kavita on love, break ups, agitations,  Hindi motivational quotes, and others to question current situation and ask for solution.