Famous Poem In Hindi

Famous Poem In Hindi is very helpful when you needed it the most. Main agenda of the article to help you understanding the power of Hindi poems and how it impacts on life. Famous Poem In Hindi: Gulzar Gulzar is a complete institution of thoughtful writing.  Gulzar Hindi poems and writings will teach us different […]

Koi Chahiye: Hindi Poem

Koi Chahiye: Hindi Poem is a writer’s perspective that he is looking something in his partner. All these are simple and small expectations rather than some wild ones.  You can relate to it as you must have been thinking so. It is my effort to manage between my love to pahad and partner. If she […]

न मैं तुझसे कुछ ज्यादा न तू मुझसे कुछ कम रहे: A Hindi Poem

न मैं तुझसे कुछ ज्यादा न तू मुझसे कुछ कम रहे, a Hindi poem tells how a relationship works just by understanding and appreciating the roles of each other also promotes gender equality. Gender equality is necessary for the foundation of prosperous and peaceful world. For sure, over the last decades, people are started talking […]

वो बेपरवाह हँसी: A Hindi Poem

वो बेपरवाह हँसी: A Hindi Poem. She is carrying so much joy, pain, love, in her shy smile. Yeah she is super annoying at this time and peak on her tantrum but this is the way she is in her pregnancy. वो बेपरवाह हँसी, शर्मीली मुस्कुराहट में बदलने लगी is A Hindi Poem of her […]

Ak Jungle Hai Phoolon Ka: A Hindi Kavita

Ak Jungle Hai Phoolon Ka: A Hindi Kavita is aboutthe state of confusion when you are around the attractive things. I realized at valley of flower In Chamoli, a beautiful place in Uttarakhand. Here I have used flowers but you will get the inference as you read this Hindi Poem. You can see a picture […]

Cat Love: Hindi Poem

Cat Love: Hindi Poem. If you are a cat person you will understand it. Watch the video.  Cat Love: Hindi Poem For other Hindi Poems. People say cat is a thief but It is not true.   चोर नहीं वो चोरी उसके शब्दकोष में नहीं, जानवर है मेरी बिल्ली,  इंसानो की फितरत में अभी रमी […]

Love Hindi Quotes

Love Hindi Quotes are available every place as human believe it one and only truth after death. Hindi quotes on love are symbolic to spread love around the corner of the world. First word starts impacting your heart then it infectious. Believe me or not. Nobody is untouched from love. Love quotes in Hindi are just […]

Eyes: ये आँखें

आंखें, ये आँखें, हाय री  आँखें। क्या खेल है जो खेल रही है ये आँखें,   कभी बड़ी, कभी छोटी होके क्यों  चिढ़ा रही ये आँखें भौंहों को मटकाके, अपनी तरफ खींचती ये आँखें जानता हुँ , चुपके चुपके देखती है, मुझे ये आंखें   मेरी नजरे पड़ते ही कही घूमती ये आँखें बातों से […]