Hindi poem love sad is a theme under Hindi poems on love. It falls under Hindi poems section which provide you only the best Hindi poems on love. We all know love is beautiful but every relationship has it age. Why don’t we collect that precious feelings in the form of Hindi poems for love. Most of us do the same and that will be their best Hindi poems on love collection. If you don’t have that make these lines your status.

In love, everything looks so shiny, beautiful, and we feel that we are out of the world. We tolerate everything of our beloved without realizing when the relationship became toxic. This is another experience all together and we decide to separate with each other. Though this phase is painful to both but they have to do that. Because, it you are unable to be happy how can you keep your partner happy. That is a legit question to ask.

Breakup is another painful experience we face in the love. for that particular situation join us with Hindi poetry on love sad. May be these Hindi poems for love, are not your panacea but these will definitely help you to recover. You will be better person once you get know how to deal with such situation and come out as a changed person. Every time you deal with difficulties, you become unstoppable for the next time. So, read it who knows you come up with a new personality as a poet. So, be with me in this Hindi poem love sad journey.

न मैं तुझसे कुछ ज्यादा न तू मुझसे कुछ कम रहे: A Hindi Poem

न मैं तुझसे कुछ ज्यादा न तू मुझसे कुछ कम रहे, a Hindi poem tells how a relationship works just by understanding and appreciating the roles of each other also promotes gender equality. Gender equality is necessary for the foundation of prosperous and peaceful world. For sure, over the last decades, people are started talking …

वो बेपरवाह हँसी: A Hindi Poem

वो बेपरवाह हँसी: A Hindi Poem. She is carrying so much joy, pain, love, in her shy smile. Yeah she is super annoying at this time and peak on her tantrum but this is the way she is in her pregnancy. वो बेपरवाह हँसी, शर्मीली मुस्कुराहट में बदलने लगी is A Hindi Poem of her …

Cat Love: Hindi Poem

love for cat

Cat Love: Hindi Poem. If you are a cat person you will understand it. Watch the video.  Cat Love: Hindi Poem For other Hindi Poems. People say cat is a thief but It is not true.   चोर नहीं वो चोरी उसके शब्दकोष में नहीं, जानवर है मेरी बिल्ली,  इंसानो की फितरत में अभी रमी …

Eyes: ये आँखें


आंखें, ये आँखें, हाय री  आँखें। क्या खेल है जो खेल रही है ये आँखें,   कभी बड़ी, कभी छोटी होके क्यों  चिढ़ा रही ये आँखें भौंहों को मटकाके, अपनी तरफ खींचती ये आँखें जानता हुँ , चुपके चुपके देखती है, मुझे ये आंखें   मेरी नजरे पड़ते ही कही घूमती ये आँखें बातों से …