Hindi poems on life are the very true imagination of the life what we paint through Hindi kavitayen. The one who has monotonous life can’t understand that.

In Hindi poems, we live or feel that life which we really want to live or feel. The ups and downs of the life have place in these kavitayein. These are the stories of your life in rhythmic and witty way which do nothing but craft you very well.

Kagaj Kalam has provided you the Hindi poem for life. That is a mirror in which you can learn to tackle every situation.

Those Hindi poem on life are inspirational or may be the inspirational story of winning. Rhythmic way of expressing is quite tough and time taking. But once you got the essence of life what you feel at that very moment. You can write it down that becomes a beautiful creation.


Aanshu | A Hindi Poem

Aanshu | A Hindi Poem is Kavita written for not any specific reasons. It is nothing about sadness in this Hindi poem. Aanshu | A Hindi Poem अब matured हो गये है दर्द के आंसू बड़े से बड़ा दर्द बिन बहे झेल लेते हैं।   नादान तो ये खुशी के आंसु है बिन बात ही …

न मैं तुझसे कुछ ज्यादा न तू मुझसे कुछ कम रहे: A Hindi Poem

न मैं तुझसे कुछ ज्यादा न तू मुझसे कुछ कम रहे, a Hindi poem tells how a relationship works just by understanding and appreciating the roles of each other also promotes gender equality. Gender equality is necessary for the foundation of prosperous and peaceful world. For sure, over the last decades, people are started talking …

वो बेपरवाह हँसी: A Hindi Poem

वो बेपरवाह हँसी: A Hindi Poem. She is carrying so much joy, pain, love, in her shy smile. Yeah she is super annoying at this time and peak on her tantrum but this is the way she is in her pregnancy. वो बेपरवाह हँसी, शर्मीली मुस्कुराहट में बदलने लगी is A Hindi Poem of her …

Change: पता नहीं कब

पता नहीं कब

समझदारी का ये चोला, पता नहीं कब औढ़ लिया गंभीरता ने चेहरे की मासुमियत छिन्नकर, खुशियों से, पता नहीं कब मुँह मोड़ लिया   अभी तो बैठे थे सब दोस्त मिलकर, बेफिक्री का आलम, पता नहीं कब तोड़ लिया। कभी रुकते नहीं थे पैर हॉस्टल के एक कमरे में, ऑफिस के एक केबिन में, पता …