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Hindi poems on festival, a category in Kagaj Kalam that reflects Indian enthusiasm of celebrating different aspects of life. As India is a country of festivals, here people somehow get the chance of celebrating.

Diwali, Holi, Dussherra, Krishna Janmastami, Onam, and others are the some of the secret festival that are celebrated here with pump and show.

Every festival brings different ways, enthusiasm, and serenity with themselves.

In Holi, we all are covering with colors. The playful Holi brings joy of playing with water and having different dishes. In Diwali, Indians celebrate the festival lighting with Dias. In Krishna Janmastami, people in India celebrates with Butter and by playing Matki fod competition.

Hindi poems on festival carries a picture of these enjoyment, practices, aroma of fest, the feelings of celebration, and many more. Anybody can imagine the scene behind the celebration if one was unable to attend the festival for any particular reason.

Get through the Hindi poems which are appetizers, main course is attending the festivals.

Though all these festivals come with different ways of celebrating or learning, enjoyment is common. Enjoy the festival.