Hindi poems for kids is a section in kagajkalam where you can find educational poems for your child in interesting manner. In Hindi poems, we find every motives to express but the sense of them comes easily only if you have read it in your childhood.

Many great Hindi poets become great because they had connection with Hindi kavitayen somehow. Bal Kavitayen help to give your kids to learn the deep thought hidden behind these kavitayein.

Everybody should have the manner to say in witty way. That can deliver the message in a beautiful way. And only the concerned person can get it right. How witty you feel at that time. Right?

If you want to develop your child’s brain with math, reasoning, and other language, you will find Hindi kavita effective. You will be happy to know that in our Hindi poems for kids section we have come up with the witty, cordial, and moral poems. That help your kids not only become a witty person but also a responsible and a citizen with moral.



SORRY CHIPKALEE |Hindi Poem is another attempt to break stereotype via Hindi poems. Sometimes, we create beliefs about someone without knowing him or her. And we follow the same path throughout our life. We think one our enemy. If someone tells us that he is our friend, we think that he is also our enemy. …

Avengers Endgame| Hindi Poem

Avengers Endgame| Hindi Poem. I am a great fan of Marvel universe. When the first part of avengers endgame started, I was very exited for movie. It ended up to happening the Hindi poem. Avengers Endgame| Hindi Poem   ऐ काल तेरा काल दिखाने महाकाल आरहे हैं, अपनी औकात भूलकर , तुझे धुल चटाने इसी …