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Becoming Michelle Obama: A Book Review


Becoming Michelle Obama is a book about Michelle Obama’s life journey “To Become”. Becoming is not just a word but a continuing process.


Every single page will engage you without putting any extra effort. While reading the book, you will forget that she has been a scholar, corporate lawyer, or first lady of America. The book is a reflection of a common person with common problems, but having a great attitude just like many of us.


I am sure, most of us have a wish of petting a dog or owning a house. In our childhood, most of us have been passed through the question, “What do you want to become in your life?” Believe me, you will fall in love with her views on it.

Michelle Obama

Small wishes, big ambitions, rejections, racism, struggles, and acceptance are the same story that most of us share. The only difference is that she has written it and written it beautifully.


We all have problems in our lives and we handle it in our own ways. No big deal. The issue rises up when people who know nothing about us have an opinion on us. In reality, we can’t make them understand.  We should not try to, but the pain lasts.


Michelle Obama

She responded it shrewdly when someone trolled her by calling “Angry Black Woman”. She asked which part of phrase mattered to you the most,  Angry, Black, or Woman. Such a brilliant, politically correct art of speaking!


Throughout the struggle she has been incorporating the learnings from her parents: work hard, laugh often, and keep the word. This is the best way to deal with the struggle, which is inevitable.


She described the White House, the cooks and the secret service agents in Becoming Michelle Obama wonderfully. It was like watching a Hollywood movie.

The time Michelle Obama entered and left the White House was highly emotional for her. If the patriarchal attitude is active and stops liquid to roll down from your eyes, don’t read the book Becoming Michelle Obama.


Read it from the first page. When I say the first page, I mean it.  Don’t let even a single page go unturned or you will miss some interesting things.


About the Author:


Author Michelle LaVaughn Obama is a varsity administrator, writer, former first lady, and an African-American lawyer.  She was raised in the Sothern part of Chicago. She played a vital role in the presidential campaign of her husband. There is many more about her, so go through her book Becoming Michelle Obama.


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