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Baby Toilet Training

Baby Toilet Training: Train Your Little One to Poop in the Toilet

Newborns only have three things to do, i.e., eat, sleep and excrete! So, Baby Toilet Training is important. 

When the baby is small, they cannot communicate with you. Because of this reason, parents use diapers. It helps them to easily clean their poop.

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However, you cannot use diapers forever. Once the baby starts growing and reaches toddlerhood, you need to potty train them. 

This way, instead of going in the diapers or in the pants, they will learn to use the washroom or toilet. 

You need to use a potty chair or potty seat to train them, so if your toddler has officially reached the age where they can go potty on their own, follow this guide.

In this article, we will give your information about potty training and show you how to train your child with the help of a toilet training seat


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What Is Baby Toilet Training?

It is a trainable skill that parents need to teach their babies. Toilet training works as a sign language for babies. If you train your child well, they will be able to communicate with you when they need to go to the toilet.

Toilet training is also known as elimination communication. Here, you need to train your child to communicate with you when they want to pee or poop.

This training is different from teaching them how to use the toilet. However, teaching them how to use a toilet is a part of potty training

For example, a newborn cannot tell you when they want to poop. However, a toddler can easily use their words or sign language to tell you when they want to go to a toilet.

Baby potty training is not an easy task. It takes lots of time and effort to train a toddler. You need to be patient and keep an eye on your baby’s actions to know when they are about to excrete. 

What Is Potty Chair?

In order to potty train your child, you need to invest in certain toilet training products. One such popular piece of equipment is a potty chair. As kids cannot use the adult potty, you need to purchase a small toilet potty for them.

Most of the parents use the potty chair for their kids. It is a small potty chair that toddlers can use to pee and poop. The best thing about a potty chair is that it is standalone and portable.

It is a small plastic chair on which toddlers can easily sit. There is a small enclosure in the between which collects the potty. You can keep the potty chair for the toilet in the bathroom so that your child can easily go whenever he wants.

What Is Toilet Training Seat?

This is another product you can use to toilet train your toddler. Unlike a potty chair, this equipment comes in the form of a seat. It is a small potty seat that toddlers can use.

The top is designed like a seat so that the child can sit comfortably. There are two types of potty seats available. You can either purchase a standalone munchkin potty seat or go with a seat insert.

A standalone potty seat is more or less like a potty chair as it is portable. The only difference is that it is designed like a seat instead of a chair.

However, it also comes in the form of a toilet seat insert. Just simply insert the small seat on top of the potty bowl so that the child doesn’t fall inside the toilet.

You will also get a potty training seat with step stool. You can keep the seat on top of the adult toilet. The child can use the step stool to climb easily and sit on the potty. 

What Is Travel Potty?

As the name goes, it is a portable potty for a toddler. It is also known as a portable toilet for car. If you are traveling with your toddler, you can easily carry a car potty chair

The toddler can easily go potty in the chair as it is small and portable. You can also invest in a car toilet seat. Most of the parents use foldable travel potty as it is easy to carry. 

What Is Foldable Potty Seat?

This type of potty seat can easily be folded. You can carry this type of potty seat with you in the car or when you go to different places. A Foldable travel potty can also be used at home.

If you frequently travel with your toddler, you can purchase a foldable potty chair. This way, you can easily fold it when it is not in use and unfold it if your child wants to go toilet.

When Should A Baby Start Potty Training?

The age is different for every child. When your child is ready, you will notice some signs like communication, staying dry, and going in the direction of the toilet. 

Many kids start showing these signs from 18 months to 2 years of age. However, some kids are late bloomers and can take up to 3 years to start learning.

How to Potty Train A Baby?

If you want to potty train your child, the first thing you need to invest in is a good toilet training seat. After that, you need to look for signs and cues. Some kids make a face when they are peeing or pooping. 

They will grunt, make a sound, become still. Their face goes red, etc. These are some signs. Once you know what your child does when they go potty, you need to learn about their pattern.

After understanding the pattern, you need to keep a close eye on them. Once they start showing the signs, take them to the toilet potty. Hold them on the seat and start giving them a signal. 

You can start making “ssssssss” sound or nod your head or give them some sort of verbal signal to go potty. You need to repeat this action to condition their mind and train them. After few attempts, they will pick up this habit. 

How to Choose the Best Potty Training Seat?

If you want to choose the best potty for toilet training, make sure you check all these things before you purchase it.

  • Size and Height: The first thing you need to do is check the size of the munchkin potty. It should be fit your child and should be comfortable for them. 
  • Stable and Comfortable Base: The base should be stable so that the child can sit comfortably. You can use a soft potty seat for them.
  • Easy to Climb: The potty should be easy to climb and use. You can choose a potty step stool to make it easy to climb.
  • Clean Easily: Choose a potty that is easy to clean. You can use a potty splash guard to avoid a mess.
  • Portable and Detachable: You need to choose a portable and detachable potty. It is best to use over the toilet potty chair or foldable potty.


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