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Baby Spoon Feeder

Baby Spoon Feeder : Everything You Need to Know

During the first few months, you can only feed milk to a baby. However, in no time, your newborn will be ready to eat different types of foods. It is one of the biggest milestones for parents as well as the baby. Introducing new food items to your baby can be exciting as well as challenging. In order to make the feeding easy, you can use different types of baby spoon feeder. As the baby is small, you have to feed them from spoons specially designed for babies.

However, once they are old enough, you can hand over a self-feeding spoon to them. Although it is messy, it will help them to lean and eat on their own. 

If your baby is ready to transition from milk to other food items, follow this guide. Here, we explain to you about baby spoon feeder and answer all your questions about spoon-feeding babies.

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What Is Baby Spoon Feeder?

As the name goes, it is a spoon or type of spoon which is specially designed for newborn babies. You can use this spoon to feed purees and mashes to your baby. 

When your baby reaches the age where they can try different foods, you can start feeding them fruits, vegetables, porridge, rice in mashed or puree form. 

It will help them to swallow as well as chew the food once the teeth appear. Feeding spoons are less messy and help you to easily feed the babies. However, spoon-feeding should only be complimentary. Breast milk or formula should be the main source of food for infants.

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What Is Baby Led Weaning?

This is another feeding technique that parents use while introducing new foods to the baby. However, instead of using a spoon, they offer small bits of food to babies. To avoid choking, you can use a baby squeeze feeder.

This way, you can put the fruit or vegetable into the squeeze feeder. The babies can chew the top of the mesh feeder or silicone feeder to consume the food. 

In this technique, the baby learns to chew first and then swallow. It helps them with hand-eye coordination and saves a lot of time. Apart from that, it also works as a teether. 

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Do You Need Baby Spoon Feeder?

If you want to feed purees or other solids, the best option is to use a baby spoon feeder. Adult spoons and utensils are not safe for the baby. 

As baby spoon feeders have soft tips and textures and they are small, it makes feeding easier. These spoon feeders are gentle and easily fit in your child’s mouth. 

Apart from that, it helps the babies to learn hand-eye coordination. If you give them spoons from a young age, it helps them to learn self-feeding easily during toddler-hood. 

The toddler will be less messy and will be able to easily use spoons and forks to eat different types of food.

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When Can You Start Spoon-Feeding Your Baby?

You can start spoon-feeding your baby once they reach the age of 6 months. At this age, you can start feeding them solids. This is the recommended age to feed them other food items.

You can feed the infant purees and mashes made of fruits, grains, and veggies. Feed them small portions of solid food with a spoon feeder. It will help them get used to different types of food.

Apart from using infant spoons, you can use a squeeze feeder. There is an easy-to-grasp spoon feeder available online. Your child can use this feeder to chew and eat the food on their own. However, make sure you supervise them when they are using squeeze feeders. 

When Can Babies Start Self-Feeding?

Babies can start self-feeding once the reach the age of 10 to 12 months. You can buy self-feeding spoons as well as squeeze feeders for the babies. You can give them a training spoon and fork.

They can independently use these spoons to eat different types of foods. However, make sure you choose the right spoon and feeder for them. Also, you need to consult your pediatrician before you hand over a spoon or a feeder to your child.

What Is the Best Spoon for Self Feeding?

When it comes to self-feeding, you need to use a spoon that can easily fit in your child’s hand and mouth. You can use a training spoon that is specially designed for self-feeding. Your baby’s first cutlery should be soft-tipped and safe to use.

You can also use a squeeze spoon feeder for your baby to avoid problems like choking. A Silicone squeeze feeder is perfect for babies to learn self-feeding. 

What is the Best Spoon for Six-Month-Old?

If you are feeding six month old solids, you need to choose only the best infant feeding spoon. Food for six months old consists of purees and mashes. So, you need to choose a soft spoon

This type of spoon will help you to avoid gum injuries. You can buy a self feeding cutlery for your six months old. A Bamboo silicone spoon is the best option as it is durable, Eco-friendly as well as soft. 

What Is Silicone Feeder Teether?

It is a baby feeder designed for self-feeding kids. This feeder also works as a teether as it is made of silicone. You can simply open the top and put fruits and vegetables inside it. 

Once you close the top, simply hand over the feeder to the child. They will chew the silicone teether and drink the juices of the food. 

How to Choose the Best Infant Spoons and Bowls?

When it comes to choosing the best spoons and bowls for babies, you need to consider certain things. It will help you to choose the baby’s first bowl and spoon.

  • Material: The first thing you need to consider is material. Silicone bowl and spoon are very common for babies. However, you can choose eco-friendly bamboo spoons as well.
  • Design: This is another thing you need to check. You can choose a squeeze spoon or a normal spoon. You can also choose a food dispensing spoon
  • Features: Baby utensils come with additional features like white-hot safety spoons, soft tip spoons, and travel spoons. You need to choose the spoon with the best features.
  • Price: You also need to consider the price of the spoon and bowl before you purchase it. 


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