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Alok Pratap Singh 2.0 | Digital Deepak Internship Program

Alok Pratap Singh is a successful entrepreneur of our times. He comes from a humble background and created an empire that common people only can dream of. Mr. Singh has helped more than 12 small business to grow above than 25 Lakh INR per annual within 3 years.  At first sight, you can’t believe he is the entrepreneur we are listening around. He looks nothing more than 25 as he keeps himself fit. Early to bed and early to rise is the old saying he is stick on more than 10 years.

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As Mr. Singh believes to grow together, he has become the trust for small business. His company Kagaj Kalam is one of the best Indian companies that entered into fast growing companies in Asia.

Kagaj Kalam has learning programs where employees get trained with new skills with free of cost. Here growth of everybody is taken care of.  Employees are latest industry skilled. It also offers paid internship program. More than 1000 students have already benefited from their learning and energetic work culture. Some of them are giving their services to big companies now.  and some have already started working with Kagaj Kalam.

Seniors are showing the carrier path to new employees. With Kagaj Kalam, they see their future bright and fun.With in few years, Kagaj Kalam has made  a big community where members work side by side.

Many brands have shown their trust on Kagaj Kalam already and prefer to new trainees who worked as the interns with it over another. Within such a small time, it has been successful to build an environment where everyone doesn’t only work hard but also enjoy the work. It believes that every perception and idea matter. Idea is an idea. There is no such thing as stupid idea. Celebration of success and motivation from failure is the way to work here.

If you the one who wants to grow your business or learn the industry skills, Kagaj Kalam is the best place to land upon. A get an opportunity to work with such an enigmatic and dynamic personality.


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