Kagaj Kalam is a platform where new poets and storyteller can promote themselves by posting their pieces. The website consists of original poems, stories, book reviews, and other works related to entertainment. The content is in Hindi mainly but to make others understand we provide a description in English too.

Readers can enjoy a different aspect of life and also can send their poems and stories via mail which we have provided in contact us page. This is our attempt to save the existence of our soul and what are we known for “The story tell or poem”.

Kagaj Kalam: Write for peace, is the name which suits for every writer whether he is from the modern world or an era before a computer. The name is enough to make you understand what we do.

What do we think?

We are in that age where we see everything only two extremes, Right and Wrong, True and False, Left and Right. So, we miss the beauty of liveliness. The reality exists between these two extremes. We believe in the progressive conversation via rhythmic way. If you think you want to say in a creative way, you are most welcome in this platform.

The solution comes after a conversation: that is true but you can write the things if you feel that you don’t know any other method of expressing yourself. You are in the right place then.

Who can write:

Anyone who can see the beauty in mundane things. If you are not afraid of saying a sky a blue blanket of earth, a tree: natural umbrellas of earth, you are the one we are looking for. Lover, Logical Haters, patriotic, nature lovers, motivators, all can find this place quite useful to get exposure.

With improving Hindi, we believe, it will definitely increase your thinking ability for sure. Feel proud and free what you have in your mind. Believe me, if these pieces are directly from your heart, many people will not hesitate to recognize them.

Until now kagaj kalam has touched almost every corner of writing. We except more people join it and nourish the community with knowledge and different school of thoughts.

Whether we agree on something or not, writing will give everyone to listen and express oneself equally.

Why us:

You have views on something but confused about where to deliver. Because of the Hindi language, nobody is giving you a platform to express, kagaj kalam welcomes you.

We are trying to reach Hindi world where the internet can access. Be a member of the community and allow us to spread your opinions to the world.

We just need your help to fulfill our vision to spread your opinion, experience, philosophy, and feelings to everyone with our Kagaj Kalam. Please fill the below form for further conversation. As you see filling the form is quite easy.

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The required things are mandatory to fill. You can skip where require is not mentioned. Once again, welcome to our platform kagajkalam: write for peace.


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