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Aanshu | A Hindi Poem

Aanshu | A Hindi Poem is Kavita written for not any specific reasons. It is nothing about sadness in this Hindi poem.

Aanshu | A Hindi Poem

अब matured हो गये है दर्द के आंसू

बड़े से बड़ा दर्द बिन बहे झेल लेते हैं।


नादान तो ये खुशी के आंसु है

बिन बात ही लुढ़क आते हैं।


सुकुन दे कुछ आंसू ऐसे भी होते हैं।

जो किसी शान्त जगह में ही बिछड़ने को मिलते हैं।


पर मन हल्का कर जाते हैं जब बहते हैं,

एक नई तरोताजगी सी मन में भर जाती है।


तो मत रोको इन आंसुओं को ,

शरीर और जीवन में नमक की कभी समय समय पर बतलाते हैं।


Why The Poem Happened

We are living in the world where we believe in capturing everything as a memory for future. And miss out living the moment. Thank God: I have someone to capture the beautiful place. Watch The Beautiful Place Here. 

Some places are there that leave you opened mouth and widen eyes with mesmerizing beauty. And compel you to forget the camera ON.

You got me. I have been in such place lately. It was a liberating feeling for me when I was on the top of the hill. Everything was calm and serene. The only things I managed to hear was the sound of wind. Though it was blowing outside, I was feeling it inside my head.

I opened both of my arms with closed eyes. Suddenly, stupid drops of tear fell down from my eyes with no reason. A person nearby me suddenly started singing a song: “kya gam hai jo chhippa rahe ho”. Yeah, it was irritating But I can’t spoil my meeting with the beautiful place.

I dogged the question with a smile and found a corner to be with the serene place. Here I found my peace with piece of this Hindi poem.

Aanshu | A Hindi Poem 2

बाँध था जो टूट गया,

बस बाद निकली इन आँखों से,

काफी समय से कुछ सड़ रहा था शायद

कि आँसुओं में नमक कुछ ज्यादा ही था।

Click Here To Watch On Youtube

Pahad is full of inspirational things. We just need to keep our eyes open every time. There is a collection of my Hindi poems in PahadNama that are inspired by Pahad itself.


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