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A Book Review Of Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind

In our book reviews series, we have come up with new good read. A Book Review Of Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind, from Yuval Noah Harari. He is a historian, professor at the university of Jerusalem. He is known for examine happiness, intelligence, and suffering in his writings. 


A Book Review Of Sapiens:

Sapiens: A Brief Story Of Mankind is a story on an animal of no significance. It appeared on the earth almost 2.5 million years ago. With the appearance, it has changed many things. Nature of food chain, environment, ecosystem, and the world get changed completely. We have done the Sapiens: A Book Review and found it carries an interesting way of telling a story which revolves around three revolution theories mainly and their impacts:

  1. Cognitive Revolution
  2. Agriculture Revolution
  3. Scientific Revolution

Why To Read Sapiens ?

A must read book. It encourages everyone to challenge his belief system. Challenge your political views, nation theories boundaries,  discrimination,  narratives, faith, fears, perspective, and other controversial issues. The story starts from 6 million years ago with the birth of two offspring of an Ape:

  1. Chimpanzee’s great ancestor
  2. Humans ancestor

As stories proceeds, you will read as human evolves the world changes accordingly. Or humans made it change.  In continuation, it reveals some unnoticeable dark aspects of human history.

Find Here:

You will find here how humans reached different parts of the world in first few chapters. As you read further, you will know how culture and religion occurs. We used to think agriculture is milestone for human evolution but in book we found that it is not the best thing happened to us. Without it may be we would be better animals. Here you will find yourself able to identify the difference between reality and story. For instance money, nation, human rights, religion, communism, and others are stories as per the book. You will get the firm logic behind it. At the end chapters, Yuval Noah Harari created plots for his next books in that series. We soon include them in our book reviews series


Book doesn’t pass any judgement about any thing but reveals other possible sides of a particular event. You can’t feel claim nature in the book, author brilliantly opens your mind with wonderful arguments and leaves you with your decision making abilities.



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