Pataal Waale Gharon Ki Diwali: Hindi Poem

Pataal Waale Gharon Ki Diwali is a Hindi Poem on Pahadi ghar by Kagaj kalam that are abandoned now. Actually, pataal waale ghar are not much demanding they need nothing but the love of their own. They are still watching their owns  way to come back home. Pahadon Pe Kavita aur kahaniyan Pataal Waale Gharon […]

दो भिखारी | Hindi Story

दो भिखारी | Hindi Story is narrated by Bhumika Joshi in Kagaj Kalam.  She has come up with another good read. Your appreciation is very helpful to nourish her creativity.  Hindi Poems By Kagaj Kalam. दो भिखारी | Hindi Story एक बार की बात है। दो भिखारी थे एक का नाम रघु और दूसरे का […]