Famous Poem In Hindi

Famous Poem In Hindi is very helpful when you needed it the most. Main agenda of the article to help you understanding the power of Hindi poems and how it impacts on life. Famous Poem In Hindi: Gulzar Gulzar is a complete institution of thoughtful writing.  Gulzar Hindi poems and writings will teach us different […]

Koi Chahiye: Hindi Poem

Koi Chahiye: Hindi Poem is a writer’s perspective that he is looking something in his partner. All these are simple and small expectations rather than some wild ones.  You can relate to it as you must have been thinking so. It is my effort to manage between my love to pahad and partner. If she […]

Alchemist: A Book Review

Alchemist: A Book Review tells you a story of a dreamer, believer, searcher, shepherd with his never give up attitude, starts his journey of finding treasure in Egypt’s pyramid. The boy name is Santiago. A Gypsy woman helps him to interpret his dreams and what they want to tell him in the exchange of 1/10 […]

Kuch Pahad Kandho Par Kuch Bele Pairon Par: A Hindi Poem

Kuch Pahad Kandho Par Kuch Bele Pairon Par: A Hindi Poem. You can find the context of this Hindi poem very easily. It is a story of a lover who is fallen in love with his native land. but is away from it for earning his living necessities. Somehow he manages to come his native […]

A Book Review Of Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind

In our book reviews series, we have come up with new good read. A Book Review Of Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind, from Yuval Noah Harari. He is a historian, professor at the university of Jerusalem. He is known for examine happiness, intelligence, and suffering in his writings.    A Book Review Of Sapiens: Sapiens: […]