Dard Ka Ye Roop Pahli Baar Dekha Maine: A Hindi Poem

Dard Ka Ye Roop Pahli Baar Dekha Maine is a Hindi poem written for the soldiers and their family, especially the soldiers who lost their life in war. The Hindi kavita is more than a tribute but hypocrisy of politicians, news channels, and even the citizens who don’t even try to match empathy to the […]

Rabbit and Tortoise Story: A Story On Traffic

Rabbit and Tortoise Story is not about the old story but a story addressing the issue of traffic in big cities with the same result. In this story the one who has speed will lose from the slower one but the reason will be different at this time. Read and enjoy the sarcasm. If you […]

Ak Jungle Hai Phoolon Ka: A Hindi Kavita

Ak Jungle Hai Phoolon Ka: A Hindi Kavita is aboutthe state of confusion when you are around the attractive things. I realized at valley of flower In Chamoli, a beautiful place in Uttarakhand. Here I have used flowers but you will get the inference as you read this Hindi Poem. You can see a picture […]

Ghughutiya: Uttarakhand Festival

Ghughutiya: Uttarakhand Festival is one of the most revered festivals in Uttarakhand. It is celebrated mostly in the parts of Kumoan one of the mandal of Uttarakhand. Click here to read other stories or kavitayein in PahadNama.  Ghughutiya Uttarakhand Festival: Hindi Kavita चल ना भाई फिर से बच्चे बन जाते हैं गले में घुघुतिया की […]