Pahad Ak Sajeev Sanskriti

Pahad ak sajeev Sanskriti is about पहाड (Pahad) which is a vivacious culture not just pile of soil and stones.  The beauty of it is not only be seen but also imbibed. Beauty is not just limited to scenery but extended to people and their behavior, language, simplicity, naive, foods, or their sight to see […]

Daali Daali Phoolon Ki: A Hindi Poem

A Hindi poem Mat sun re musafir in daali daali phoolon ki, “मत सुन रे मुसाफ़िर इन डाली- डाली फुलों की” tells about the anger of Pahad on some tourists who behave irresponsible and destroy the tranquility, serenity, beauty of Pahad. May be Pahad is garbage for them but it is home of us. Watch […]

Ye Raasta Mujhe Jaanta Hai: A Hindi Kavita

A Hindi Poem, Ye Raasta Mujhe Jaanta Hai, “ये रास्ता मुझे जानता है” is from my childhood memories when, we used to go our village on these narrow footpaths. Now nobody use them as roads have reached there. Actually, we all are busy to reach somewhere. But where none doesn’t know. These pagdandiyan or Kachhe […]