Hindi Puzzles: Best Hindi Paheliyan

Hindi puzzles are the best ways to sharp brains in entertaining way. So, we have come up with Best Hindi Paheliyan. Though we started our Hindi puzzles journey with Hindi paheli for kids, that shaked even the minds of adults. After that we came up with Hindi paheli for kids very funny which put a broad […]

101 Best Hindi Puzzles For Kids: A Largest collection

Best Hindi Puzzles For Kids, on your screen to pick your brain. Get ready for examination your mind how fast it works. However these Hindi Puzzles are designed especially for kids, elders can also try their brain in the largest collection of Hindi paheliyan. Here you will get 101 best Hindi Puzzles for kids.  Best […]

Hindi Paheli For Kids Very Funny

Funny Hindi Paheli For Kids is the Hindi paheli for kids part 2 that is the next part of our new series Hindi paheli for kids where we come to you different and interesting Hindi puzzles for kids. May be you have listened few of them before but these are enough to blow your mind […]

Hindi Paheli For Kids: Part 1

Hindi paheli for kids our initiative to help kids’ minds to expose to problem seeking approach.  Amidst the entertain seeking time, today mind is always looking for an easy way out. Believe me, this easy way out is not a healthy practice. They easily give up without giving a second chance to a particular thing. […]