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Rakshabandhan: A Freedom in culture

Rakshabandhan A Freedom in culture

Rakshabandhan is one of the auspicious festivals of India. Raksha means to protection and Bandhan means thread. Though it is known as a brother-sister relation, it is more than that. History shows the significance of this festival and proves it to be a cultural festival rather than a religious festival. We always cry out for …

Quotes that will leave You Thinking

Attitude Matters

मिलन की दुआ कैसे माँगू उस टूटते तारे से जो खुद अपने आसमान से बिछड़ा है   *आज का दिन भी गया और मैं खुद को पाए बिना आज फिर लौट गया    *Past जितना भी खुबसुरत हो पर आज की आँखों में चुभता जरूर है  Future का चाहे चेहरा न हो पर आज की …

Suicide: End of All Hopes

Suicide: End of All Hopes

Suicide: End of All Hopes is a Hindi poem which expose the darkest part of that person who is feeling to commit suicide. There can be many reasons for that. In India mostly students and farmers feel this darkest part. They take every positive things in negative sense. At that time postivity of life (The …